Brilliant scientists and Nobel prize winners can´t be brilliant without animal testing

A letter was sent to The Guardian (link) signed by around 600 scientists world wide where they stated the need for them to keep on torturing primates, in this case. But who are we kidding? We are talking about dogs, cats, and rabbits also. And much more species in large quantities.

If we read the letter, they inform us that the ancient way of doing science (we are talking 80´s and 90´s) did save lives (which we are grateful for) and that we have a few hundred monkeys to thank for that. Sounds lovely and admirable. However to lie back on old accomplishments in such an important issue instead of looking at it in a fresh new way is nothing that I support. That this vast amount of brilliant people, scientist, Nobel prize winners, can not put their heads together and come up with a way for them to be brilliant without torturing animals is confusing. They would surely be able to figure out a way to do their job without animal testing, but obviously, that is the rest of the world’s problem, according to them. They do state that they welcome other peoples efforts for a better world as long as they do not have to think about it.

Outside those walls they call laboratory, we normal people call this animal abuse and nothing else whether or not these people want to admit it or not.


A Thousand Kisses Deep

I started this sunny morning with some grammar, mass and count nouns. Not as boring as you would think. In my phonology class, we have to listen to Leonard Cohen, A Thousand Kisses Deep and focuses on the pronunciation of S, so I have it on in the background. We have some company here today so that I do not focus too much on school stuff (a mass noun:) and we are going out soon and soak some vitamin D from the sun. I have read some dog/training books that I am going to write about. Do you have a favorite book that helped you with your dog training or to just understand your dog better?


The perfect distraction and 600 scientists

The best distraction in the world, so that I don´t get stuck trying to figure out the difference between word classes and clause elements, is Wille. When I was younger I always got obsessed, or passionate if you will, about school and work that I almost always forgot everything else. Wille is here to make sure that that is not going to happen this time. We had grammar today and my head is spinning. When I notice that I get stuck I usually leave the books and go out and play with Wille to loosen the tension in my shoulders and just have some fun.

The rain is pouring down outside but I have my red rain coat on and Wille his blue jacket.

I read a letter, in support of primate research signed by around 600 scientists, sent to The Guardian. Have you read it? I read it earlier today and I am going to write a blog post on what I think of the information these highly intelligent people provide. It will come up later this week.


When a nice strol in nature turn into a warning

A lorry has accidentally leaked out quite a lot of pesticides in a small town in Sweden, and the county has warned the people in the city to use the water for any everyday necessity, like drinking the water or cook with it.

Does anybody see the irony in that? This lorry was on its way to a field, and the farmer had plans to spread the pesticides all over the field where the food, we later are going to eat, is growing. That is normal, but if it leaks out near a town, it instantly becomes a warning. Hmm. I am intrigued with this mystery wall this county seems to have between its fields and the people that live nearby. I also guess that the people in this town never go out and interact with nature. Dogs that bathe in ditches or children that eat dirt is not a regular thing here.

So, my conclusion from this little story is that pesticides are perfectly okay when you can make money on it. If it accidentally leaks out in nature, then it is a warning.


What you can expect from me and my social media in the future

I got a text this morning from one of the people nearest to me, that said that I needed to stop posting horrible things on social media. I love this person, so there are no hard feelings between us but something I had posted made her react and send me a text.

The recent change in my social media is quite noticeable for those who have followed me for a while. I have always been tip-toeing around subjects that I know upsets people but also always addressed them. I do respect other peoples thoughts and feelings, but something did irritate me with the way women approached some subjects, it was more: Ohh how cute rather than to see the real issue, and I decided to see how far I could go before I got a reaction. Quite far it seemed.

I do not follow accounts like PETA or Animal hope and wellness on social media because it is too harsh. I have had them in my feed, but it gets too much to see the sufferings every day, but I do visit their accounts sometimes to see what is happing in the world. I do give money to AHAW monthly and PETA once in a while.

So what was too much for people to handle? Animal testing. The one thing that I have started to feel so strong for because every medicine or beauty product once was tested on animals. You know that that is one of the reasons I do not like Bravecto. It is heart breaking, but the thing is that we can change it today to more innovative ways but we need to talk about it. We need to address it and make choices every day to contribute to the very much needed change.

So, do I want my social media to become a dark place with no beauty at all? No. I do post cute videos and beautiful pictures every day on Instagram (link), and here on the blog but I want and need to balance out the fluffy things. The world is not only pink and shiny and it is also not only dark and scary, I want my social media to reflect that. I promise to post happy news and cute things, some dog training, and personal dog things but I am also going to post the darker things that are dear to my heart and I do hope that you all react to it and take in the solutions and predictions if there are any. I am aiming for balance in life and my social media.


The dogs that AstaZeneca is killing in Malmö, Sweden

“Beagle dogs are currently being used at Astra Zeneca in Mölndal. In the experiment, the dogs have to breathe in substances through face masks, which gives the dogs discomfort and obstructs their breathing. After the experiment, dogs are killed with symptoms that do not pass over one night, the others get to rest 14 days before entering new attempts. Killing is done by bleeding during anesthesia, after which the organs are removed.
The Animal Research Ethics Committee changed the severity of “moderate” to “significant”, which is the highest level. The committee writes: “The committee is of the opinion that the suffering that the animals may be exposed to is of such a nature and extent that the trial is of considerable severity.”
The experiment called “Pharmacological and toxicological studies on the effects of aspirant drugs on aspiration” began in April 2014 and will last until April 2019.” –Djurrättsalliansen, Sweden

Sometimes I wonder where it all got horribly wrong. Who are these people that think that torturing animals is a good idea? Who are these people that work with these dogs every day and how can they live with them self? Do they believe that their work is so important that they can participate in this without breaking down? We look at China and think that what they are doing with the dog meat market is despicable but this is going on in our own back yards. Sweden, Malmös back yard. We torture dogs and then kill them. For what?


For the beauty of the dogs

I am updating my makeup bag and my knowledge of the rules about cruelty-free products out there in the world. You can find a list of “good” brands that take their responsibility on Cruelty-free Kitty (link).

I believe that we women want to use beauty products that haven’t killed any innocent animals but it´s not always that easy to know what is going on in the world and we want to trust that corporations do the right thing.

Europé has banned animal testing but the same product you buy in Europé, you can also buy in China if the company has decided to sell their product there. In China, animal testing is required if you want to put your products on the shelf in their stores. Isn´t that an old way of thinking? They want to be a climate leader and they are making some pretty fantastic stuff in a rapid pace to clean up what they have done wrong when it comes to climate. It is a conundrum that a country that advanced still is so behind the rest of the world when it comes to animal testing. If they stepped up and did their part and embraced the new, and more accurate, way of testing beauty products this would be a non-issue and we all can go on.

The brands that do sell in China have made it easy for them by accepting “yes you can torture animals if we can get a profit from it, that is okay with us”. To take a stand and withdraw from that would absolutely be too much of a profit loss and money, the millions, and billions, mean too much for them. To have those brands to finally take a stand and not accept this any more would be a game changer.

China is looking into the issue and some organizations are on them but it is going to slow and I do think that we woman can make a huge difference in the speed of the change by not buying these brands till they have fixed this issue. I would bet that the big brands would get a huge enticement from dropping of sales, in the rest of the world if they knew that it was because of this issue.

We women have so much power, yes we can buy products from another brand that do not sell in China but we do not fix the problem. To fix this problem we need to make China embrace the new and cruelty-free.

Do you want to learn more? Here are some links I found.

Cruelty-free kitty– This site has a lot of information

PETA– What you can buy instead

Cruelty-free international– Alternatives to animal testing, cheaper, quicker and more effective


Humane Society International– About Cosmetics Animal testing


The mistake trusting your animals with your yoga mat

I am on Amazon looking for a new yoga mat and have no idea what to buy. There is so many options, colors, and structures. I hope that I can decide on one mat today. The mat needs to be a little thicker and in a bright color.

I did have a pink yoga mat but in a moment of trusting my animals with it, I left the mat for five minutes to get something to drink and Ebba vomited on it. I couldn´t use it after that and I haven’t come around to get a new one and I need a mat to practice on. There is something relaxing about rolling out the mat and to carefully start to stretch out. That space becomes almost like an own little room in the apartment. A space that the animals can be near but not on.

Both Ebba and Wille enjoys the fact that I am on the floor and they always lay next to me. Sometimes to close so that I need to move them to get the room I need to stretch out but it is cozy to have them around.

Right now I am working on the tension I have in the hips that I got because of our long walks. You would think that you could go on walks and that would be fine but it can create a lot of problems if you do not stretch out after. The goal this autumn is to be able to do the pigeon without any pain. It is a long road to that but a little a day gets a long way. I have always hated the pigeon but it is because I can´t do it without pain. And I mean real pain. Like someone puts a knife truth your muscle and twists. Nothing fun or relaxing about that.

If you go on long walks with your dog don´t forget to stretch out when you get home. Doesn´t need to be a full on yoga session but move your body so that it stretches out. Can save you a lot of problems in the future.


Why I don´t give my dog fish and why you shouldn´t either

Lots have happened since I began the journey to a more healthy life for both me and my animals. How to use food as a way to keep the immune system as strong as it can be and that I wish for us to live a long and healthy life. I am adding a lot of greens in Willes and my food and try to eat as clean as possible.

What I do not give my animals is fish and I do not eat it my self either, even though I love to eat fish. Why? I have always had an interested in the environment but this year that interest became more of an obsession and I have learned so much about what is going on in the world. Three things that concern our fishing:

  1. We are overfishing our oceans
  2. The fish that we have out in nature now is in some grade toxic
  3. The fish, and also marine animals, eat the plastic that ends up in our oceans and if we eat them the plastic ends up in us or our pets. Lifes irony I guess.

“It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don’t know everything.”
― Alexander McCall SmithMorality for Beautiful Girls

Swedens national food agency gives the recommendation to not eat more than one fish a week from the Baltic sea because of toxins. When you give that kind of recommendation about food, that you can find out in nature something is really wrong and I want to be part of the change that we all need to go through for our environment to have a breather.

One thing that got really graphic with our fishing problem in the world was when I watched the Google and Leonardo Dicaprio foundation project Global Fishing Watch there you can see how many boats that are out fishing right now. My first thought was: Is there any fish left to take? That and the knowledge that fish today are so polluted has made me not to give fish to Ebba and Wille.

I and my animals just not only exist on the planet but we make a footprint and what I believe my children are going to belive and talk about. It feels right to take a stand against our consumption, how small that stand even is.

You can calculate your environmental footprint on The climate account. I did not like the question: How much are you spending on your pet a year? I spend way too much on my pets.

Do you think on your pets environmental footprint out in the world? Tell me. I would love to know:)