You need to think during warmer months

It went from snow to summer heat a little too fast for my taste. Not okay mother nature! We tried to be outside yesterday but it became too hot for the dogs. I don’t like when the weather skips the spring like that. Spring is the best season of the year and we hardly got any this year. It is the time of year you don’t know what you are going to wear and always pick the wrong thing. Not for the looks but for the not freezing our ass off or sweating like crazy. That time of the year you put your jacket on and end up caring it on your arm the whole day or leaving it at home and wish that you have taken it with you because you can’t think straight, you shivering so much. I should not whine, we had a fun time last night when Wille and I went for a night walk with the neighbor and his dog. He is an old man and so is his dog but both Wille and I enjoy the company.

Today I thought we should train some retrieving, stop and recall. We probably have the training late today. How do you do when you’re going to train with your dog and it is too hot outside? Are you indoors or have your training in the morning/evening?


Why do you just love them?

We have Blondie over for a visit and it always strikes me how adorable Golden retrievers really are. For real, look at that expression. Lovely. I would never get that same expression from Wille. He is more like Zoolander. (You have to google it:)) More intense than adorable. Goldens are more like teddy bears and you just want to hug them and they want you to hug them too.


How I got rid of my grass allergy with the help of the walks

We are half way thru May and I have still not felt the grass allergy that I have had since I was around twenty years old. The last couple of years It got worse and did get me to, in panic, go to the hospital because I was afraid that I would die. Not pretty at all but I got thru it and started over with the whole healthy thing. No sugar, no wheat, no dairy. Lots of walks in nature and to drink a lot of green tea. I have noticed that I don’t get ill that often anymore and that my allergy hasn’t knocked me over yet. Yes, we have a few months left of the grass growing but I used to be so tired this time a year. From may to September. Me sleeping thru the summer were more common then unusually. And we are really talking about the whole summer.

The one advice Wille has been a huge help with is that I, during the time I was really ill in allergy, should spend as much time as I could outside and go on long walks. My slight obsession with walks comes from that advice. I thought he was joking. I couldn’t breathe, let along be outside and the doctors has always said to me that I should spend the summer indoors. The advice here was to do the opposite of what everyone has told me to do before but I am glad that I toke that advice and that I had Wille to push me out the front door. I am not celebrating just yet but if the grass allergy kicks in only in June, July, and August, then that would be ok with me. To go from six months of red eyes, sneezing and tiredness to only three, that would be a huge improvement.


The show dog trot is very good for the every day conditon

I will be honest with you and say that Wille and I need to practice on the show dog trot. You know that high head, long legs and winning forward trot. The one trot we do not come close to today. He wants to gallop or jump up on me because I am running. Very fun apparently. But we take a few running sessions during our walk and just when he stops galloping and starts trotting he gets a treat, and we rest for a few minutes. My condition is not the best, I am afraid. Need some improvement, big time, but a little gets a long way. We have two weeks to get this trot to be show dog fabulous.

Does anyone have some good advice for me? I have him on my left side and I have a treat in my left hand and the leash lose but sometimes I have to use it to slow him down. Should I just let him run till he slows down in a trot by himself or should I continue to use the leash as a break?

I am showing him myself this time and I am not nearly as good at it as his breeder are.


How can I get the training with my dog done?

This weekend, when we were out on our long walk, we met a friend, so we stayed and talked. After a while, we began to discuss how often I train Wille and if I have a strict training schedule for him.

I have never had long training sessions with Wille when it comes to everyday training. I have chosen to train little but often. We train stop and sit when a car passes us on the road and also a few times when we met someone who cycles or comes walking. The real everyday life gives us better chances on what we need to train than I can try to plan during a training session.

So during our four-hour-long walk, we practiced three or four times what Wille should do when we meet people, cars or people on cycles. I didn’t know that that was what we needed to train when we went out on the walk but because I was quick to react to the situations around us it became a great opportunity.

I hear from a lot of people that they have difficulties to actually do the much-needed training with their dog. They know what they need to train but they can’t figure out the best way to go at it. If you thinking about how to get started or how to keep up with the schedule of your dog’s training, try to think about how you and your dog work best together. Is it easier for both you and your dog to have specific times during the week when you go to a place and have the training perfectly planned? Then try to have one day a week to get it done. Are you tired of thinking about planning? Then you may do as I do with Wille. Bring treats when you go out and figure out along the way what situations you want or need to train.


When we are close to water

Yesterday we were at one of the lakes on Lidingö and I uploaded a video on my Facebook page (click) when Wille walked on the wooden jetty. When he came back he did what he always does when we are by water. Stepped into the water and laid down.

Sure it was a nice day yesterday and we had been out for four hours but how hot could he have been? He got up first when I said that we should go, all covered in slightly muddy water. Well, that’s life with a dog:)


To open the window and let the sun shine in

We received some free sample from Lily’s kitchen (click) yesterday and both Ebba and Wille love the fresh food. Lily’s Kitchen is currently launching its products in Sweden.

Later in the evening, I opened the window in the kitchen so the sun could shine in, put the trim table at the window and worked on Wille’s fur. I used the new scissors for the first time. It really is easier to trim with good scissors. Note to self!

Spring turns out to be in its best mood today so we will be out most of the day.

You can also find us on Instagram (click) or our new Facebook page (click) that I created yesterday 🙂


Deer chasing can be so fun for a dog

Deer chasing can be so fun for a dog and is always a possibility when you take a walk in the woods with your dog.

You go through the woods, slowly, with your thoughts elsewhere and the dog is a few meters from you. Suddenly you’ll hear something in the bushes and both you and your dog stops and scouts to see what kind of animal you are encounter. The dog gets tense and stretches his head to see properly through the vegetation. Between the leaves, a small animal head appears. It stands there, as frozen to the ground of fear before it begins to run. In a second, the dog has taken up the deer chasing. You call out and run after, watching your dog disappear through the bushes and trees and all you can think of is that you are never going to keep up with the two of them. The deer chasing is at a pace you can not hold. The thought of disaster runs thru your mind and you are completely sure that the dog will get out on the street and get overrun. It’s over now, the dog is going to die.

This little story spins around in my head every time we go on a walk in the woods and encounter a deer. I know Wille does not chase deer, but yet I see disaster every time. Don´t think I ever going to trust him completely so I continue to train the stop and recall command. Reading articles like this one (click) and try to train as much as we can with distractions just so I can get some peace of mind.


To make these ones stay alive

Asked earlier this week (on other media) what you think about the blog and have most received encouraged answers and that I do a good job and should not change anything. Nice to hear, that made me happy. Had expected a lot of opinions but they never came. The blog will continue as it is for a while. Why fix something that is not broken.

It is a calm day for us. I have had a headache this whole week that I just ignored but I am feeling kind of tired today. I guess that it is the weather, it just can´t make up its mind if it wants to snow or be sunny. Really annoying.

I have started to buy flowers and grow things on my windowsill. Right now a sweet potato. Have no idea if it is going to be something of this but it is fun to wait and see. I have always liked having flowers in my home but everyone slowly died when I was occupied with my exhaustion and depression. So it feels good to bring som new living flowers in the house and to make these ones stay alive.

I hope you have a nice day today and keep on beeing fabulous.