A whole lot of puppy pictures

I don´t have that much to say today. We are going to the dog park to play and I will brush Willes fur yet again. It is a lovely day today and it really makes me happy. Hope you have a fantastic day whatever you do.

We did some trimming of the coat outside and Wille got really tired.

When he just wanted to sit in the grass and not move at all.

One of few times I got a rest also. Having a puppy in the house is hard work.

He always wanted to be near in the car so he sometimes put his head like this.

That adorable tummy.

In his big towel after he gotten a bath.

When I visited the breeder. Think he is about six weeks old here.

Wille with his mother <3

Out on adventures at the breeder. You can see his siblings in the enclosure.


To brush a dogs teeth or not, that is the question!

Did a test yesterday on the internet that came from the Agricultural University. They wanted to know what I thought about my dog’s oral health.
Got questions like: Do you brush your dog’s mouth? Have you had any recommendation from someone to brush your dog’s mouth? What and how have they told you to do, toothbrush or cloth or similar?
Have you been informed that marrowbone or chew toys would be the best way to clean your dog’s teeth? Who did you get that information from?

Eventually, I began to wonder what was the right or wrong answer and realized that I have no idea. Do you brush your dog’s teeth?

I was advised by a veterinarian to brush daily as a supplement to the chewing he does every day. Tried for a while to keep the brushing but after a while, it became more sparse and today it is a while since I brushed Willes teeth. Bought a toothpaste for dogs and has a small cloth made just for brushing.

And yes, I did brush his teeth this morning:)


A fury kind of month

As some of you already know, I’ve never been a “let’s brush and blow dry Wille constantly person.” I have let his fur be and he hasn´t always looked like a cocker spaniel.

But this month, I thought to change that and do as the recommendations say but also to brush him every day.

What a cocker coat needs (click)
Cocker need to be trimmed at least four times a year to look like a cocker. It should also shave the neck and ears shaved and the fur on the paws cut ones a month.
Brush, comb and make the fur free of tangles at least once a week. In connection with this, you cut the claws and take a look at the ears and teeth so that everything is ok.

Wille rolled in something the other day that made him smell not so good so he got himself a bath in the sink. Went super!

Have also ordered home a brush that should be good and soft for his coat.

Now I feel worthy of owning a cocker spaniel. He got a carrot for good behavior.


Sundays fun

We had a really nice Sunday where the dogs ran around in circles while we had coffee. Bought with us and went to a small dog park where we could be alone.

Wille limping a little today and licks his right paw, but it is not swollen or warm and I do not see anything strange so he’s probably just stepped on something. He gets a calm day today where he can sleep and just be. He still gets a bit tired of our adventures so I have to make sure that I don’t overstrain him.

I keep an eye on it during the week.

We were standing in the middle and the dogs just kept running back and forth so we stood there watching.


To buy your dog food online

When Wille was a little puppy

Started this Sunday buying food for Wille online. I buy fresh food, and the variety one can have in the pantry, unopened. After opening the packaging, it must be kept in the fridge.

Sand on his nose

Once I bought frozen fresh food and because you buy ten to twelve in a box at a time the whole freezer got full. I couldn’t have any food for me there; it became Willes freezer for a couple of weeks. That purchase was not properly thought through.

The delivery of dog food was not entirely successful either because they should have come during the day but the time went by and they didn´t show up. So I obvious thought that the delivery wasn´t going to happen. Then Wille and I were out on our evening walk at ten o’clock when a delivery van stops outside the door, and the messenger leaves the two boxes outside the gate, he then jumped into the delivery van and drove away.

It was pure luck that I was there and saw it so I could take the dog food with me in, but I wondered how they were thinking. How happy would I have been as a customer if the dog food delivered ten at night but I didn´t know about it, and it stood outside all night? That’s like giving the wild animals a smorgasbord they can easily tear apart in the solitude of the night. We have a fox around our house.

Now I buy from another company and they deliver to my door. It is a very convenient way to shop for heavy dog food, and I will continue to shop online in the future.

Do you buy food online for your dogs?


Blow the whistle, baby

Friday….yayyy:) Any fun activities with your dog planned for the weekend? We are going to do some whistle work.

Stay and come- one whistle and two whistles. 

We have already started and it goes ok, not good but we will get there eventually. Sadly I had to cancel my retrieving course because of that I don’t have a car. Can’t go across the city to Nynäshamn on public transportation once a week for four weeks during rush hour. So if I want us to get anywhere with the retrieving I need to do it on my own. Do you have a retrieving book you could recommend to me? Preferably with some exercises for us to learn.

Both Wille and I love retrieving and it is such a nice way to spend time in nature doing something and not just walking. Hope you all have a lovely Friday and weekend.


How to make a natural activity toy for your dog

How to make a natural activity toy for your dog, does that even exist? I had giving up on that after almost two years as a dog owner, but yesterday when I was picking up after Wille it came to me that I have all I need at home to make a natural activity toy.

Natural activity toy for your dog

Wille loves marrowbone, and we have five or six laying around in the apartment. All have the inside taken care of a long time ago, and now it´s just bone. So when I was accidentally stepping on them and started to collect them from under the sofa and kitchen table, I wondered if they could service as a natural activity toy instead of just laying there and hurt me when I didn´t see them.

How I do Willes natural activity toy

So I took Willes fresh food and mixed it with a yolk before I put the bone in a plastic bag and filled it with the food. Then they went into the freezer where I keep them until it is food-time for Wille.

He has to work about thirty minutes to get the food out of the bone which is good for a dog that likes to eat very quickly.

I love this idea because I already have all I need at home to make them and I can prepare five or six bones in advance so that we always have one during feeding time.


All for the show

I have dog hair all over the place right now. Have not touched Willes fur since October and in December his coat got cut by an expert. So it was about time I took out the scissors and cut the coat. I watch this film to refresh your memory about how to do it. Starting to get a little hang of it, but it still takes a lot of time.

Now you can see his paws even if the coat still is too long but rather that it is too long then too short so I can’t work on it.

One of the most important things to consider when you have this kind of dog fur are the tools you use for grooming. I have cheap scissors and they are difficult to work with. Invest in a pair of real scissors (which unfortunately is quite expensive), so you will not have to work so hard.

I am not done yet, will need to continue to cut the coat until the dog show. I also need to thin the coat because he has so much of it.

This is just from the left side of him. I´m going to thin out the right side later.


What do I want for my animals if I would pass away?

I could not sleep yesterday and ended up scrolling trough social media. I always find new rescue organizations to follow and read a lot of articles. Started to think about what would happen to Ebba and Wille if I passed away. Do you know what’s going to happen with your dog after you pass away? I realized that I have no clue what would happen to Wille and Ebba if something happened to me. Would my family and friends take them or would they not? Do I want them to take them?

I guess that my little sister would take them but I don’t want her to. Not because I don’t love her and think that she would do a great job but because she is in that time of life when she is building up her life with school, work and traveling. She should not have a dog or cat even if she would do a splendid job caring for them.

Then I thought about pretty much everyone a know but also one shelter that I have donated money to for a very long time and that would do a great job finding a loving home for them. Wille would not be hard to replace. He loves everybody and is well-behaved and happy.

What do I want for my animals if I would pass away?

Kind of blue thoughts but I realized that I probably need to talk to my family about it or write it done and keep it somewhere.