Can we make our animals live longer than they do today?

As some of you know, I eat and live healthy today to help my immune system to be strong enough to handle my allergy. It works really well and I’m grateful that I have been able to breathe this summer and have the energy to live.

But then I began to think about Wille and his life. He often sneezes when he gets dried dog food. It does not matter what variety he gets and some days he sneezes a lot. Saw this TED talk about dogs and health and wonder now if the trip I have experienced with my health can be transmitted to dogs and their health.

Wille gets lots of vegetables because I eat like I do here at home. Also, I’m not perfect. I have eaten an ice cream this summer as well as a birthday brownie but at home, it is cauliflower and celery. Sounds so boring, but I am used to it now. Wille is more or less fond of some greens or fruit. Like green cabbage but not watermelon.

His candy here at home is carrots, broccoli, and green cabbage.

I have a splash of apple cider vinegar in his water bowl that helps both him and my cat Ebba with their digestion, and Wille gets coconut oil and garlic in the food.

To challenge our acceptance that dogs only live until they are ten years may be the next challenge we all should take on. Can we make our dogs live longer than they do today with a change of diet? Do you give your dog vegetable and fruit?


The judgement in the dog world

I think we all can agree that we all do our best to make sure our dogs have the best life we can give them. Whatever life you as an owner think is the best. Lots of sofa time, treats, and cuddle or long walks and lots of training and discipline. We come from different backgrounds and have separate ways of looking at our life with our dogs. From time to time I come across a comment or social media updates when the person behind the words thinks that their knowledge or experience of a life wit a dog trumps all others. They are a dog trainer or have had twenty dogs so they just put them self over you and where you come from without even asking why we believe in the way we do.

What happened to letting every person choose the path that is best for them and their dog without the guilt trip. Everybody don´t have the time or interest in dog psychology and dog training. That does not mean that the dog has a bad life or that the owner doesn’t care and that you can judge that life.

Being a dog trainer (seen from my perspective that pays to go to learn from someone) is as much leadership as anything else. They have to lead people towards their way of thinking and doing. But also accept that there are other ways.

When did we stop understanding and starting to judging people for taking another road then you took or are taking?

Who determines that someone has more knowledge than someone else or that their knowledge is more right than someone else’s? Just because you say something does not mean it’s a fact, just an opinion. Your opinion.

We can not all agree but we can be respectful of each other’s choices or the choices we made earlier without making people feel stupid. You can not be an expert on everything and there are many dog owners who do not have their dog as their greatest interest. Do not judge them for their choice or knowledge.


Same time as yesterday and last week

I am more punctual now when I give Wille his food. He gets his breakfast at seven in the morning and dinner at five. I have noticed that it helps him in his anxiety when it comes to food. He doesn`t whine after food at five in the morning or three in the day which is nice for both of us.

Is it something that I have been bad at during his puppy years, it’s that. To give him his food at the same time every day. I believe that it has stressed him not knowing the exact time he is going to get his food and therefore he has kindly wanted to remind me one or two hours early so we don`t miss it. Today he sleeps till I ask him.

Are you punctual with your dog’s food?


The thing about tick diseases

Wille got a tick yesterday and I cleared it as soon as I saw it, but it made me think about what it is for diseases I’m afraid he’ll get.

Found three diseases:
Lyme disease

All sound like they would kill my dog if he got them but when you read about each individual infection it did not seem like such a big problem, dogs get infrequently infected or get infected without getting sick or show symptoms of the disease.

So why do you hear so many horror stories about these diseases? Entered a forum where people discussed symptoms and treatment and anyone who had a dog who had any of the diseases also used repellent like Bravecto or Frontline on their dogs.

How is that even possible? You have given your dog a poison to keep ticks away, but the dog still gets sick. So, now you just poisoning the environment, right outside your house, without any of the benefits of a disease free life for your dog.

According to the Swedish Veterinary Office, (sorry they do not have an eng translation on their site) there are few dogs who get these diseases (in Sweden). It is not certain that you get infected even if you get a tick. And sometimes your dog have had the disease without symptoms.

I was advised to take a blood sample from Wille after each summer to see if he had any infection and if he had treat it then.

Sadly, there is not so much statistics available but what I know is that it does not help to give your dog poison, so why do it?


You and your dogs diet is the key to a healthy life

“We´ll have to shift food from being a cause to becoming a cure”. Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen (click)

I am watching The EAT Stockholm Food Forum (They send from their Facebook page. You can find it here (click).)

I still learn about food and nutrition, how to live a healthy life where my allergy does not get that control over my life it once had. I experiment to see what could give me the best quality of life with energy and how I can continue to stay well.

Love listening to the men and women who visit the EAT forum and talk about food, health, and the environment. There is so much to learn and even though I have first-hand information from the past years, I have much left to learn.

Sir Bob Geldof- Play your part, play it loud.

I have tried to get away from a plant-based food but the body says NO. Do not even think about it. So I have to listen and keep learning. Being sick is not acceptable to me, to excuse a tired life because I am allergic to grass does not exist.

Have noticed that Wille has started sneezing when we’re out and I wonder if he’s allergic to something. So in line with my own journey, I have to take on his to. He ate fresh food last year and didn´t sneeze during the summer so is it that diet that he must be on to be healthy? He became too skinny on that diet but I didn´t think so much of it then. Maybe more fat in his food would help. Must think about it and test so that his immune system is not damaged and he gets sick.

I have also been watching this documentary and are more certain that I am on the right path forward.


Does global warming make us give more poison to our dogs?


I have told you before that I read a lot about the tick. That little animal that makes grownups, in panic, give their dog poison and to say that it is the better choice instead of risking the diseases the tick is carrying.

I started to look to research outside of my own country, Sweden, to see how big the problem actually are and I was surprised to see that it is a big problem all around the world. Well, that explains the 34 million sold doses of the poison we give to our dogs. And that is just the poison we give our dogs to eat. I wonder how much we would add if we also counted the ones we put on their coat. A poison that does not only stay in our dog’s body but also gets out in the environment, when they pee or take a swim in the ocean.

My English aren´t nearly that good, yet, that I full out can understand a research like this (click) but it struck me that what they are researching is if it is the global warming that is the real problem in the battle against the tick. The tick just love what we are doing to our planet and what is our solution? To use our dogs to send out some more poison into the environment.


It is time for a change

I am going to blog less than I have been doing. Change to a few post a week instead of seven and focus more on the retrieving/everyday training that I do with Wille and of course my thoughts about dogs and life with a dog. I have always had a little problem with blogs that don’t post regularly because I don´t know when a new post is published but maybe that’s just me? So I think I am going to try this and if you want to follow me you have my Facebook and Instagram here so you don’t miss out. Posted a funny video with a small dog that was having the fight of his life. Cracks me up every time I see that video. So brave, fearless:)


From Öland and the rental of an RV

Last summer we went to Öland during Midsummer and I had one of the best trips I ever had. Love Öland and would love to go there again. It is an island in southern Sweden. The air is so fresh there and even if it was sunny and warm the wind made it bearable. The pictures are from my Instagram. My old camera retired last summer so I don´t have any other pictures.

Read the blog Träningsglädje (English Translation) and they are traveling in a rented RV and it looks so cozy. They are in Norway. Can you have a dog in a rented RV? There are probably not many that allow it. But it would have been a fun experience, especially when I am very much in favor of hotel and hotel breakfast.

But last year we lived in a hostel which was the first time for both me and Wille:)


Adventure in Stockholm

Our goal was Smak på Stockholm or taste of Stockholm as the festival is called in English.

Off we go…

Work on our patience when waiting for the train.

We needed to stop and smell the flowers.

and have a coffee..

Watch the boats for a little bit…and then we reached our goal. The food festival.

Passed by Lilys Kitchen and Wille got some lunch and a whole bag of goodies.

Tired but happy on our way home:)