Congratulations, Norway and the Drawdown book

I couldn´t sleep last night, so I started to scroll thru social media to see if there were any good news out there in the world.

In Sweden, a prominent scientist won a prize as a “new thinker” (Link in swe) in regards to science without animal testing and not just that, one of Swedens most beloved writers invested a couple of million SEK in her company. Because he did so, he contributed to shine a light on this issue. If he invests, everybody else will follow. Thank you so much, Leif GW Persson. His words to the media that covered the story: What I like about this is that you do not hurt any animals. I just want to hug him for those words. Congratulations professor Malin Lindstedt at Lunds university for the reward (Link in swe).

EU is going hard at Norway for not stopping the dolphin slaughter (Link). Norway kills more dolphins than Japan does and not even Japan wants to buy the meat because of all the toxins that are in dolphin meat. The officials at the department in Japan that issued that ban did not think that one all way thru though if there are toxins in meat from Norway, there would probably be toxins in dolphin meat from Japan. But obviously, that is different. What does Norway do with all the meat then? They give it to the needy in Norway because nobody else wants to eat it. I do not get this at all, is it a strategy to kill all the needy people in Norway? Are they inconvenient for them? Well EU is not happy with Norway and plan to make sure that they can´t sell their dolphin meat to Europe. Hope they succeed.

I found this book, Drawdown The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming (Link) when I read Leonardo Dicaprio FN news (Link) yesterday. A must read:) Love solutions to big problems.

And also Pamela Andersson’s lovely letter (Link) to Kim Kardashian about her use of fur-coats. For me, a fur-coat is not a symbol of wealth but a symbol for a person that does not care.


Can you find Germany for me?

I am studying for an exam we have in two weeks and I´m trying to not freak out over everything that I´m supposed to know till then. When I feel tense like I´m doing now my only solution is to play with Wille. To just let loose and shake off the feeling of: this is going down the… My brain has never been good at receiving a ton of information that I just need to know. I need to process it and see the whole picture so it often takes me twice the time to get what I need to get to pass an exam and it is not just the exam either, I want to know this so it has to be permanently attached in my memory without me forgetting that I need to have a life too:)

During the same time, the vegan burgers were frying in the pan, I sat on the kitchen floor and hugged and kissed Wille. Stretched out at the same time I threw a ball he could chase and wrestle with him when we were fighting for the ball. Sounds ridiculous but it cheers me up and makes me forget about all the to do´s that I have to do, if just for a minute or two.

More people should play with their dogs. I think that it would be good for them.

Can you find Germany for me?


The weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend that ended with me, Ebba and Wille watching Two weeks notice in bed.

One thing that I love about being a dog owner is that you always have to go out with your dog even if you do not feel like it. I could have easily stayed in bed all day, watching movies, if it wasn´t for Wille. It was a well-deserved lazy day that I enjoyed immensely but it also made me sign up for a new gym membership. So, on Friday mornings people can find me in a yoga class or just laying down in the sauna doing pretty much nothing at all. Taking a much-needed pause from school books and animals. I have noticed that going on long walks with little or no core strength is bad on your back so I am going to focus on the core so that we can keep on walking.


Off leash training with your puppy

When Wille was a puppy I used to grab a hand full of treats and take it with me when we went out on a walk. Cocker spaniel as a breed wants to stay near to its owner but a puppy is a puppy and things are exciting and fun. I do have a few stories with me, in my office clothes, running after Wille, coffee cup in my left hand and handbag in the right screaming WILLLE!! Watching him disappear around the corner with the neighbor’s puppy Bella. I have never run that fast seven o´clock in the morning before. In heels! He did eventually stop, thank god, and wondered what I was yelling about.

So, to be sure that he would listen to me and not run away I gave him a treat now and again during our walks. I always saved one treat for when we were inside the house again. As a way to say: If you behave during our walks and follow me into the house after our walk you get a treat. I stopped doing this when Wille turned two this spring. We don´t need it anymore, he knows what I want from him even if he still loves people, to be outside and other dogs.

I had Maya here today and I started to do the same thing with her, so she and Wille could play and have fun but also make sure that she has her eyes on me. For me, it is the easiest way to teach a puppy that it is fun to be around me and what I want him or her to do. Just stick with me and you get a treat.

I also want to link to this petition that every European should sign (link). I don´t think that our environment can take that much more now and that we, every European, need to stand up for it. Please sign and share. Love Mirella, Wille, and Maya.


Life with two furry animals

I have to take some time and give Willes coat some love. It became too much a couple of months ago with all the combing and bathing that I just laid down the comb and didn´t look back. Okay, I have done some grooming but not as much as you need to when you have a dog that needs special attention when it comes to its fur. Willes coat is always on my mind, especially now when I don´t have time for it. Wille is not complaining, he is not that fond of getting his coat trimmed, he thinks that it´s boring to just stand there while I work around him. But it has to be done.

I also help Ebba with her coat. The life with long haired animals.

I got a sweet message yesterday from Rebekah that wanted to help her friend Susan rescue this cute stray dog that they have named Bouncer. I share the crowd funding page here with you guys. HERE IS THE LINK.

Good luck raising the money. <3


When you have an old dog or cat

Ebba has become her old self, thanks to the medication. She can move again and I feel that she has more energy which makes her happier. One advice I would like to give someone with an old cat or dog is to go to the vet once a year to just make sure that everything is okay and also so that the vet can tell you when it is time to say goodbye. I don´t know how I´m going to make that decision, when that day comes, without someone telling me that it is time. It has been her and me for twenty years next year. It´s crazy that she has never been on any medication or hurt her self during these years.

She is part Norwegian forest cat and part Swedish farm cat. They are supposed to be two healthy breeds.


I am very greatful so thank you

We have been on a long walk in the autumn sun and now I am going to open my books for tomorrows workshop. Time to spend some time with the ladies in my study group and I better be prepared:)

This week I have seen a big increase in the blog’s traffic, likings, and sharings. I reached a goal this week I have had for a while and I want to say thank you to all my blog readers and followers. There is not one that goes unnoticed and I appreciate every one of you. It is crazy to know that you all are spread around the world. I did think that I would lose my fellow countrymen when I switched to English but you are still here and right now at the very top of the list of readers with Norway and USA next. I do know that we Swedes rather read blogs that are written in Swedish so Thank you.

It has gone six months since I nervously switched from Swedish to English and I have learned so much during this time. At first, I wrote the post in Swedish but then translated it and had to look up the spelling on EVERY word before I wrote something. Today I just write and check spellings and grammar afterward. I am still doing mistakes, it is not perfect, but my writing has improved since the day I started. You just have to start and figure things out as you go.

I wish you all a nice Sunday.


110 year old lady in the house

I took my cat Ebba to the vet today for her senior check-up and the vet told me that she is a healthy 110 year old lady. So sweet. She has arthritis in her legs, which almost all older cats have but she is eating and drinking well so there is nothing wrong with her. I got Kortinson for her arthritis and bought meatballs on the way home so that I could trick her into taking it. I promised myself that I would not persist with the medication if it would become a struggle between us. She gladly ate the whole meatball and I just kissed her for making it so easy for me.

I had lunch with a friend today and she reminded me of the time I was investing in stocks. I like, what my bank man calls, high-risk and I was quite good at picking the companies that would shoot thru the roof in a short period of time. I had a lot of fun figuring out which company that would be the next “thing” and happily went all in. Quite reckless of me, I was a restless and impulsive twenty-year-old with no respect for money. It was a roller coaster and I enjoyed the ride. I am not like that anymore, thank god for that, but I like looking back and see what I learned from that period. My friend has a more relaxed way to approach investments and I do admire her for that. She is my opposite in that regard.

Both Wille and Ebba is laying here beside me and snoring, I am going to see a movie and just relax tonight.


Lawmaker Dr. Pyo has a plan to legislate a ban in South Korea

Someone said to me: You can not save everyone and that may be correct but I can have a plan how I can support the people out there doing their best to save as many as they can. The good news is that every country has a person or organisation that work with these sensitive issues and we just need to find them and give our support, love, money or time. We have a tendency to forget how much power we, you and me, actually have and I think that this letter that was written by Dr. Pyo Changwon´s points that out. South Korea actually cares quite a lot what we, the rest of the world, think of them. (link)

I think that it is a good letter that takes the issue of the slaughter and puts it in a much wider span. Let’s face it, some people aren’t like you and me and care for the dogs (i am not going to start talking about those people) but maybe they care for all the bad publicity and lack of money that publicity would come with. The original letter that was posted on Dr. Pyo Changwon´s Facebook has been translated by

I have signed the petition (link) and also paid a small sum for the petition to be shared to more people.


Hooked on Leonard and the very important vegan butter

I am part of a study group and the ladies in the group are geniuses, I am not kidding. I feel like Penny in The Big Bang Theory when everybody knows things that you do not. Love to hang with them but I constantly need to ask them to slow down, point out the page in the book or just explain how they think. And this is just English. We are doing the exercises at a fast pace, and I am quite tired after. I am grateful for every minute with these women.

Wille usually sleep under the kitchen table while I have the headphones on and talk to the others. I love this way of studying. We have every document, message, link or lecture in the same place and we can move from “room” to “room,” usually we have the main room and then break-out rooms for our study groups and our teacher can call on us or just pop up in our break-out room. It is very Harry Potter thru the internet.

Something that made me so happy today was that I found vegan butter and cheese without any Palm oil or that fungus thing that is so common in food today. I had given up on ever finding either of them without these ingredients. I took a picture and sent it to my sister with a lot of smile faces and where to buy it. I read a horrible article a while ago about a little village somewhere that was fighting with the Palm oil industry. It was life and death for them, and I decides to not, even if it says something else on the packaging, support it. Our government (Livsmedelsverket) has also said that you can get cancer from Palm oil so that I found these two was like finding gold.

I am hooked on Leonard Cohan. That don´t make it Junk, Love itself, and Here it is goes on repeat right now.