To retrieve with a spaniel

I lost my whistle a while back. Can´t pinpoint when I lost it but I don´t find it now. So can´t retrieve but I both two new whistles this weekend and they are already on their way. Love the service!  In the meantime, I am reading about how you should train a working spaniel. I am happy to read that I do have the ground work already and I haven’t lost that much time in training. It says that t is optimal to train your dog when it is one and a half year up to two years old. Willes second birthday is in may.

I am gong to work out som kind of plan with the information I can get from books, online and from trainers and see if we can’t go to the next step this summer.

Something that made me laugh in the book was the description of cocker spaniel as a working dog.

The trainer cannot force a cocker spaniel to do something the dog doesn´t want to do; with such a dog, the best way is to think around the problem and try a different approach.- Graham Gibson

They aren´t the easiest dog to handle but it is a real joy when you come so far in the training that you can see your cocker spaniel really working for you. The book I am reading are for hunters so it is mainly about the springer spaniel or the working spaniel and not the showy kind but we are not going out hunting so it doesn’t matter.


Does winning mean everything?

I have to trim away a lot of fur today for next week´s dog show. It is sunny and warm today so we can be outside for that.

He has gained weight and isn´t as slim as he was a week ago. Is kind of scary how fast you can change that. You really have to watch your dogs weight. I feel that I’ve done what I can for him to have the best conditions for the show. So keep your fingers crossed that it will go well for him.

Got a comment one time that said, so, he must win? Asked myself that question. Did Wille really have to win? I am driven by setting goals. Goals I want to achieve so I can check them, celebrate and then move on. He doesn’t have to win but I know myself and we have to get somewhere for my interest to remain so, there must be a meaning for all the work. For example, to get three certificates. Which is my goal for this little adventure.

I learn a lot along the way and now when he gets a little more experience to run in the ring, maybe I can take over to show him eventually. That would be my next goal. To be able to show him myself.


A quick fix that is pretty damn nice sometime

I can honestly say that we are working hard on getting Wille calm when people step inside the front door. Approximately 50% of the “scene: people are coming into our home”, he is calm and stays in the kitchen. But I have to work hard for that 50%. He knows he should stay in the kitchen but objects and I always have to ask him to stop whining or jumping.

So sometimes I take out the compost grid to avoid discussions and be able to talk to those who step into my hall. A quick fix is pretty damn nice when you just want to greet friends welcome.


When did I give up the fight for the sofa?

I looked at my white sofa yesterday and wondered when I gave up on saving it from my dog and all the messiness he brings to the house. I remember a white sofa when he first came home with me but after that, the memories become a little blurry. I see an exhausted me, a happy and energetic ten-week-old munchkin playing on the sofa beside me. His dirty little paws leaving prints on the fabric and I hadn´t the energy to save it. From there on the sofa had to defend it self and it has done a lousy job.

My white sofa is not white anymore and it never will be again. It is Willes sofa now but I am going to buy a cover that I can throw on and take off in one piece when it needs to be washed.

Do you also have one piece of furniture that you have surrendered to your dog?


They have found a new way to get rid of ticks but is it something we really want?

I read yesterday an article in a Swedish newspaper which said that they found/developed a new way to get rid of ticks, which did not include that we give our dogs poison. Instead, the poison is placed in a small box that is inserted into the wild, and the idea is that rodents will find its way into the box and there die of poison. That would then bring down the number of ticks and maybe get them to completely die out.

It is not permitted to put things like that out in nature in Sweden so it would be up to local authorities here to decide how they want to do. Which makes it a little more complicated. Is it better to make a long-term plan with the new way to phase out the tick or would it do less harm to go out hard from the start?

What do you think of this idea?

I’m ambivalent, on the one hand, we want the ticks to disappear without making the dog its greatest enemy, on the other hand, do we really want to let out more toxins into the forest?

It will be interesting to follow the new trend that does not have its focus on the dog.


All set for the dogshow in Västerås

Today I received the confirmation that Wille can attend the dog show in Västerås. I also found a rental that you can have a dog in so I am going to pick up the car the day before the event. I also have my new license so there are no surprises there.

Wille is vaccinated, and I have his papers in order.

The coat is under construction. He needs to put on a little weight so he gets extra fat in his food, in the form of coconut oil. He also gets carrot, broccoli and salad daily. Do not know if it does so much for the coat, but it can not hurt.

His gold quilt is hanging in the closet and I have a clear picture of how to bathe, brush and blow dry the coat the day before.

We’ll see if the new shampoo and conditioner I ordered comes before the event. It is a shampoo that works well on cocker coat and I had wanted to bath Wille with it the day before.

I think I bought parking validation with the notification to the event. I need to have money with me if I haven’t and I have to print out Willes ticket.

Water and treats are important!

I think I have everything under control for the dog show.


A townhouse on my mind when Wille and I am not in sync

We had a quiet day yesterday. I read a lot of books now so it was a typical curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea day.

However, Wille had a bad stomach and he and I were not synchronized at all, resulting in a number of accidents on the floor. He didn´t say anything because he didn’t have time and I was not always aware of him. Well, that’s life with a dog. Not always fun and clean:)

It is days like that I would have liked to live in a townhouse so Wille and I could have been out in the garden all day. I, probably wrapped up in ten blankets, shivering off cold and with a hot beverage on the table, but it would have been so cozy. I am looking for another place and I have a favorite area, here on the island, that I would like to move to but it is kind of popular soo I don´t see us moving anytime soon. I keep my eyes open if anything in that area becomes available. I like it because it is near the train that takes you into the city in a few minutes and that you have your own yard. Built a couple of years ago, so it is still fresh.

Hope you have a nice Sunday.


Asked Wille to keep near when we approached a huge enticement

We woke up to a gray Saturday this April. News about yesterday’s terrorist attack dominates social media. Surreal and sad.

Wille and I were on a long walk where he was off-leash the larger part of the walk. You get tired of keeping track of a bouncy cocker when there are cars nearby. After we had followed a Busy road we turned and went into the woods towards Långängens to take a tea or a “fika” as we say in Swedish.

Wille did good and we got many nice comments on our walk. Other dog owners wondering if I wanted to switch dog with them. Sweet thing to say.

Upholstered the last of the carrots and cabbage in a bag and it was his reward when he listened.

Sorry for speaking Swedish in this video but I ask Wille to keep near me because of the huge enticement that you can see in the end:)


We are going off leash today

I am of the opinion that you should always know how your dog will react in different situations in life.

What I mean by that is that if something happens when you are out for a walk and you happen to drop the leash, you must be able to maneuver your dog anyway.

Many people today are so quick to yell “hold your dog leashed” when they should say “train your dog to behave around people and other dogs.” If you Can´t because of the dog or yourself, the dog should definitely be leashed.

What I find strange is that today there are so many talking about that quick fix is a bad thing, but then turns around and screaming “all dogs should be leashed.” That for me is a double standard. All dogs should not be leashed, some yes, but not all.

Wille and I are not perfect, and to train your dog is a never ending story. But if you never are allowed to train your dog without a leash, without people yelling, then you probably never going to have a trained dog around people.

Our problem is that Wille loves people and dogs. Really love them, but they may not love him, so I have to stop him before he makes his way to another dog. I can only do that if I train with a long leash or have a treat near, such as a ball or other yummy things.