The new wild life in New York

I so would love to visit National Geographics Encounter (link), Time Square, New York. They say that it is the ultimate undersea experience and I want to see that. I love this kind of new, innovated way of educating people. To give people chans to learn about wild animals and to make it fun without the cost of a life in captivity. I so want to go to New York now and support this with all my heart.

Do you think that this can be the new way of teaching about wild animals that make the old become uninteresting? Who wants to see a depressed killer whale do tricks when you can watch magic? I don´t know but I really hope (for all the animals in captivity) that this is the big, bright new way and that we leave all the old behind us. Let the next generation do better than the old one. Let us move forward.

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