Date me, date my dog

I got a text from one of my friends: You need to read this book (Link). You are going to love it! So, I obviously downloaded it and read it today and yes I love it. Haven’t laughed that much in a while, mostly for the brilliance in the writing but also that some of it actually is true:) How you find Mr. right when you have a dog. I´m so going to let Wille help me from here on. I never realized what a valuable source he is when it comes to picking the right man.

The author shares some facts like women have three times as many conversations when they´re with a dog and also helps you locate the best places where you can meet a guy.

Like community service- No, not the kind where he´s in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash on the side of the road. A guy who volunteers to build houses for the homeless or feed the hungry is bound to have the right kind of heart for you and your dog. And if he´s walking dogs for your local animal shelter, try not to drool as you introduce yourself- Leigh Anne Jasheway

One thing that surprised me where that people date on Facebook or use Facebook as an online dating site. Since when do people date on Facebook? How do they do it? Do they join a group or just find a hot guy and what? Send a private message? Hi, I really like your profile picture. Fancy a drink? I have never heard about that before but I guess that it probably would work.

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