I am sorry

I love my life even if I, for now, have a huge amount of studying to do. Grammar test in two weeks and I did put Grammar on hold while I focused on Phonology so I have to make up for that time. Managed to do the four-hour phonology test in under an hour. Pretty proud about that. But it is so much fun. Hard work in a crazy speed but oh-my-god what you learn in such a short period of time. I really love my university, the teachers and the structure they have.

I am so boring right now. I study around twelve hours a day, with a lot of short pauses, I have to eat and take care of Wille:). I go to the gym on my free time (yoga tomorrow, yey), on long walks with Wille (in both pouring rain and sunshine) and have to keep up with current events in all the English speaking countries. I still haven’t found a pod or radio program I can listen to. I am going to have this schedule till Oktober 20, it will become much easier after the grammar test. Hope you are well and look forward to the weekend.

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