A break with writing

It is a bit too much right now, and I decided yesterday that I need to prioritize and sadly the blog ended up last on the list. I have two big exams in October that I need to study for. I get a lot of request about work that I want to do, and I also spend some time at the gym (can´t walk today after an hour with a personal trainer earlier this week). I have squeezed in some family-museum- time also.

The thing that tipped over the “too much to do” is a new book idea that did come to me this morning and every character, plot, and twist traveled from my thoughts to the paper in less than two hours. It surprised me, and I LOVE this story. This story is a little bit darker than my first book, and it is going to be so fun to explore that dark side of this world. I am still going to be here but not as much as I have been. Love Mirella.

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