I think Pitbulls should be banned!

I have found the topic, don’t you agree? Had no idea that a few cities in Canada have banned Pitbulls. Some cities still hold the owner responsible for attacks though. I obviously do not agree with this but it is a good exercise.

The statistics (dog attacks) are down since they banned the breed and the citizens feel safer in their town so it really has to be a dangerous breed. What do you think of breeds like Pitbull? Are they dangerous? Would you like your city to ban the breed?

The cocker spaniel was once known to be the breed that most likely would bite its owner and they had a “cocker rage” reputation. But what I know no city has banned them. When I talk to older people about the breed they often say that they have had a cocker that wasn´t all clear in the head but breeders today have done a fantastic job to correct that temperamental error the breed once had.

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