Congratulations, Norway and the Drawdown book

I couldn´t sleep last night, so I started to scroll thru social media to see if there were any good news out there in the world.

In Sweden, a prominent scientist won a prize as a “new thinker” (Link in swe) in regards to science without animal testing and not just that, one of Swedens most beloved writers invested a couple of million SEK in her company. Because he did so, he contributed to shine a light on this issue. If he invests, everybody else will follow. Thank you so much, Leif GW Persson. His words to the media that covered the story: What I like about this is that you do not hurt any animals. I just want to hug him for those words. Congratulations professor Malin Lindstedt at Lunds university for the reward (Link in swe).

EU is going hard at Norway for not stopping the dolphin slaughter (Link). Norway kills more dolphins than Japan does and not even Japan wants to buy the meat because of all the toxins that are in dolphin meat. The officials at the department in Japan that issued that ban did not think that one all way thru though if there are toxins in meat from Norway, there would probably be toxins in dolphin meat from Japan. But obviously, that is different. What does Norway do with all the meat then? They give it to the needy in Norway because nobody else wants to eat it. I do not get this at all, is it a strategy to kill all the needy people in Norway? Are they inconvenient for them? Well EU is not happy with Norway and plan to make sure that they can´t sell their dolphin meat to Europe. Hope they succeed.

I found this book, Drawdown The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming (Link) when I read Leonardo Dicaprio FN news (Link) yesterday. A must read:) Love solutions to big problems.

And also Pamela Andersson’s lovely letter (Link) to Kim Kardashian about her use of fur-coats. For me, a fur-coat is not a symbol of wealth but a symbol for a person that does not care.

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