Can you find Germany for me?

I am studying for an exam we have in two weeks and I´m trying to not freak out over everything that I´m supposed to know till then. When I feel tense like I´m doing now my only solution is to play with Wille. To just let loose and shake off the feeling of: this is going down the… My brain has never been good at receiving a ton of information that I just need to know. I need to process it and see the whole picture so it often takes me twice the time to get what I need to get to pass an exam and it is not just the exam either, I want to know this so it has to be permanently attached in my memory without me forgetting that I need to have a life too:)

During the same time, the vegan burgers were frying in the pan, I sat on the kitchen floor and hugged and kissed Wille. Stretched out at the same time I threw a ball he could chase and wrestle with him when we were fighting for the ball. Sounds ridiculous but it cheers me up and makes me forget about all the to do´s that I have to do, if just for a minute or two.

More people should play with their dogs. I think that it would be good for them.

Can you find Germany for me?

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