I am very greatful so thank you

We have been on a long walk in the autumn sun and now I am going to open my books for tomorrows workshop. Time to spend some time with the ladies in my study group and I better be prepared:)

This week I have seen a big increase in the blog’s traffic, likings, and sharings. I reached a goal this week I have had for a while and I want to say thank you to all my blog readers and followers. There is not one that goes unnoticed and I appreciate every one of you. It is crazy to know that you all are spread around the world. I did think that I would lose my fellow countrymen when I switched to English but you are still here and right now at the very top of the list of readers with Norway and USA next. I do know that we Swedes rather read blogs that are written in Swedish so Thank you.

It has gone six months since I nervously switched from Swedish to English and I have learned so much during this time. At first, I wrote the post in Swedish but then translated it and had to look up the spelling on EVERY word before I wrote something. Today I just write and check spellings and grammar afterward. I am still doing mistakes, it is not perfect, but my writing has improved since the day I started. You just have to start and figure things out as you go.

I wish you all a nice Sunday.

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