110 year old lady in the house

I took my cat Ebba to the vet today for her senior check-up and the vet told me that she is a healthy 110 year old lady. So sweet. She has arthritis in her legs, which almost all older cats have but she is eating and drinking well so there is nothing wrong with her. I got Kortinson for her arthritis and bought meatballs on the way home so that I could trick her into taking it. I promised myself that I would not persist with the medication if it would become a struggle between us. She gladly ate the whole meatball and I just kissed her for making it so easy for me.

I had lunch with a friend today and she reminded me of the time I was investing in stocks. I like, what my bank man calls, high-risk and I was quite good at picking the companies that would shoot thru the roof in a short period of time. I had a lot of fun figuring out which company that would be the next “thing” and happily went all in. Quite reckless of me, I was a restless and impulsive twenty-year-old with no respect for money. It was a roller coaster and I enjoyed the ride. I am not like that anymore, thank god for that, but I like looking back and see what I learned from that period. My friend has a more relaxed way to approach investments and I do admire her for that. She is my opposite in that regard.

Both Wille and Ebba is laying here beside me and snoring, I am going to see a movie and just relax tonight.

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