Lawmaker Dr. Pyo has a plan to legislate a ban in South Korea

Someone said to me: You can not save everyone and that may be correct but I can have a plan how I can support the people out there doing their best to save as many as they can. The good news is that every country has a person or organisation that work with these sensitive issues and we just need to find them and give our support, love, money or time. We have a tendency to forget how much power we, you and me, actually have and I think that this letter that was written by Dr. Pyo Changwon´s points that out. South Korea actually cares quite a lot what we, the rest of the world, think of them. (link)

I think that it is a good letter that takes the issue of the slaughter and puts it in a much wider span. Let’s face it, some people aren’t like you and me and care for the dogs (i am not going to start talking about those people) but maybe they care for all the bad publicity and lack of money that publicity would come with. The original letter that was posted on Dr. Pyo Changwon´s Facebook has been translated by

I have signed the petition (link) and also paid a small sum for the petition to be shared to more people.

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