Hooked on Leonard and the very important vegan butter

I am part of a study group and the ladies in the group are geniuses, I am not kidding. I feel like Penny in The Big Bang Theory when everybody knows things that you do not. Love to hang with them but I constantly need to ask them to slow down, point out the page in the book or just explain how they think. And this is just English. We are doing the exercises at a fast pace, and I am quite tired after. I am grateful for every minute with these women.

Wille usually sleep under the kitchen table while I have the headphones on and talk to the others. I love this way of studying. We have every document, message, link or lecture in the same place and we can move from “room” to “room,” usually we have the main room and then break-out rooms for our study groups and our teacher can call on us or just pop up in our break-out room. It is very Harry Potter thru the internet.

Something that made me so happy today was that I found vegan butter and cheese without any Palm oil or that fungus thing that is so common in food today. I had given up on ever finding either of them without these ingredients. I took a picture and sent it to my sister with a lot of smile faces and where to buy it. I read a horrible article a while ago about a little village somewhere that was fighting with the Palm oil industry. It was life and death for them, and I decides to not, even if it says something else on the packaging, support it. Our government (Livsmedelsverket) has also said that you can get cancer from Palm oil so that I found these two was like finding gold.

I am hooked on Leonard Cohan. That don´t make it Junk, Love itself, and Here it is goes on repeat right now.

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