Brilliant scientists and Nobel prize winners can´t be brilliant without animal testing

A letter was sent to The Guardian (link) signed by around 600 scientists world wide where they stated the need for them to keep on torturing primates, in this case. But who are we kidding? We are talking about dogs, cats, and rabbits also. And much more species in large quantities.

If we read the letter, they inform us that the ancient way of doing science (we are talking 80´s and 90´s) did save lives (which we are grateful for) and that we have a few hundred monkeys to thank for that. Sounds lovely and admirable. However to lie back on old accomplishments in such an important issue instead of looking at it in a fresh new way is nothing that I support. That this vast amount of brilliant people, scientist, Nobel prize winners, can not put their heads together and come up with a way for them to be brilliant without torturing animals is confusing. They would surely be able to figure out a way to do their job without animal testing, but obviously, that is the rest of the world’s problem, according to them. They do state that they welcome other peoples efforts for a better world as long as they do not have to think about it.

Outside those walls they call laboratory, we normal people call this animal abuse and nothing else whether or not these people want to admit it or not.

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