The perfect distraction and 600 scientists

The best distraction in the world, so that I don´t get stuck trying to figure out the difference between word classes and clause elements, is Wille. When I was younger I always got obsessed, or passionate if you will, about school and work that I almost always forgot everything else. Wille is here to make sure that that is not going to happen this time. We had grammar today and my head is spinning. When I notice that I get stuck I usually leave the books and go out and play with Wille to loosen the tension in my shoulders and just have some fun.

The rain is pouring down outside but I have my red rain coat on and Wille his blue jacket.

I read a letter, in support of primate research signed by around 600 scientists, sent to The Guardian. Have you read it? I read it earlier today and I am going to write a blog post on what I think of the information these highly intelligent people provide. It will come up later this week.

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