When a nice strol in nature turn into a warning

A lorry has accidentally leaked out quite a lot of pesticides in a small town in Sweden, and the county has warned the people in the city to use the water for any kind of everyday necessity, like drinking the water or cook with it.

Does any body see the irony in that? This lorry was on its way to a field, and the farmer had plans to spread the pesticides all over the field where the food, we later are going to eat, is growing. That is normal, but if it leaks out near a town, it instantly becomes a warning. Hmm. I am intrigued with this mystery wall this county seems to have between its fields and the people that live nearby. I also guess that the people in this town never go out and interact with nature, dogs that bathe in ditches or children that eat dirt is not a regular thing here. Perhaps, what do I know?

So, my conclusion from this little story is that pesticides are perfectly okay when you can make money on it. If it accidentally leaks out in nature, it is a warning.

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