What you can expect from me and my social media in the future

I got a text this morning from one of the people nearest to me, that said that I needed to stop posting horrible things on social media. I love this person, so there are no hard feelings between us but something I had posted made her react and send me a text.

The recent change in my social media is quite noticeable for those who have followed me for a while. I have always been tip-toeing around subjects that I know upsets people but also always addressed them. I do respect other peoples thoughts and feelings, but something did irritate me with the way women approached some subjects, it was more: Ohh how cute rather than to see the real issue, and I decided to see how far I could go before I got a reaction. Quite far it seemed.

I do not follow accounts like PETA or Animal hope and wellness on social media because it is too harsh. I have had them in my feed, but it gets too much to see the sufferings every day, but I do visit their accounts sometimes to see what is happing in the world. I do give money to AHAW monthly and PETA once in a while.

So what was too much for people to handle? Animal testing. The one thing that I have started to feel so strong for because every medicine or beauty product once was tested on animals. You know that that is one of the reasons I do not like Bravecto. It is heart breaking, but the thing is that we can change it today to more innovative ways but we need to talk about it. We need to address it and make choices every day to contribute to the very much needed change.

So, do I want my social media to become a dark place with no beauty at all? No. I do post cute videos and beautiful pictures every day on Instagram (link), and here on the blog but I want and need to balance out the fluffy things. The world is not only pink and shiny and it is also not only dark and scary, I want my social media to reflect that. I promise to post happy news and cute things, some dog training, and personal dog things but I am also going to post the darker things that are dear to my heart and I do hope that you all react to it and take in the solutions and predictions if there are any. I am aiming for balance in life and my social media.

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