High pitch cat sound

We have been up for hours already, thanks to Ebba. She woke us up with this high pitch sound that probably woke the entire house. She finally gave in and stopped making that noise when I jumped out of bed and went looking for her. Was there a fire? Had she broken a leg? Where was the emergency?

No, it seemed that she wanted fresh water, not the one that was standing there from last night. They have a little apple cider vinegar in their water to help them with the digestion. Sometimes, early in the morning of course to make as much of drama she can, Ebba decides that she doesn’t want that water. She wants fresh water.

She is such a diva. Everyone has eaten their breakfast, I have eaten some porridge and a green smoothie. I am out of green tea so drinking hot water with ginger. So, all is well now, and they are sleeping again, and I am going to start this day.

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