Dog training this fall

We went out today, around lunchtime, and trained some basic things like keep close, sitting and down. It turned out that Wille has forgotten a lot, so it’s fun to get started with the training again. It usually takes one or two training sessions before the memory is back again where we left off.

I will pick up and read the books that I paused in May/June about retrieving and dog training and set up some plans for this fall. Here you see a video when I ask Wille to sit and lie down. For each command, he comes closer until he is sitting just in front of me. Not what I imagined but with some training, he will remember that he has to stay in the same place, just lay down and sit on the same spot. Then we will continue to right and left. I want him to know right and left, so we are going to spend a lot of time on that this fall.

A good warm-up exercise I do is lunges so Wille can slalom between my legs. It softens his body well, and I get some leg work done for the day.

People have come home from their holidays now. I start studying in late August, so I have a couple of weeks left.

Hope you have a good start of this week if you are back at work or have some vacation left.

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