One of the best exercises I’ve always done with Wille

One of the best exercises I’ve always done with Wille, and still do, is to always ask him to come with me inside after we have been on a walk even if he wants to stay outside a little longer.

Wille often stops, when we have been on our walk and are on our way to go inside, and just looks at me. I know him well and that means he wants to stay outside for a little while. If I would just let him get his way we would eventually have a problem with him thinking that he doesn’t need to come in with me when I want to. I would probably have to chase him around the neighborhood yelling WILLE!! And that is not a problem I would like to have with my dog. So if I don´t mind staying outside a few more minutes I usually ask him to come with me into the hallway. Sometimes I even close the door. When he does stand in the hallway with me, I tell him that he can go out again and he often turns around and runs out through the door. With one eye on me to see if I am following him. It is not fun outside if I am not with him. This means that he gets the world’s greatest reward when he does what I want him to do.

Great for when you have no treats with you and want to reward your dog. Do you have a reward for your dog that is not treats or food?

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