What is happening in the fall for us

Hope you all are having a nice summer. For my part, the summer has been very calm. We have mostly spent time with neighbors, family, and friends. It took a while for me to unwind but I feel rested now. I have watched a lot of documentaries and read about the environment, talked for hours with friends and family about what is happening in the world. I was environmentally friendly before but have taken it to the next level this summer. Using Wille´s plastic bags as little as I can and switching to non-toxic detergent here at home. I am going more and more to the vegan lifestyle with everything that implies.

I am going to study English during the fall at the university. I got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago. My switch from Swedish to English on this blog has been a challenge with all its grammatical errors and misspellings. I have learned a lot of new words and also refreshed my memory of how the simplest words are spelled. My favorite word has to be jetty.

Now I want to try to learn how the language is built.

Wille has had a rest, almost all summer, from training, which has been good and bad. When he has a lot of energy, he tends not to listen. We were at Lövsta Stuteri and visiting friends and even if he is well behaved he was running around in circles just because his energy level was so high. I hope I will be able to find an retrieving course this fall we can participate in.

I am also at a look out for an internship at a charity organization. I don´t know if I am going to find one but it would be fun to help out with something I strongly believe in. I am passionate about our and our pets health but also the environment. Wich me good luck.

Looking forward to this fall. It feels like everything is possible and I am grateful and happy for everything that has to lead to this.

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