When mr handsome jumped and scared the hell out of me

Buster, my sister’s golden, tried to jump out of the kitchen window yesterday.

My sister and I were standing in the hall talking when I saw Buster playing in the kitchen and then from out of nowhere he attempts to jump out the window. I screamde, in panic, NOOOO!

He brakes in the air and ends up with all four paws on the windowsill but slips forward and drops his toy in the bush under the window. I see how he intends to jump after it, but he changes his mind and tries to back, but his body was halfway through the window. I grabbed his hind legs and pulled him into the kitchen and down to the floor where I just held him. Refused to let go. After a while, my sister said that he’s okay and that I could let him go. I did lose my grip around him but instead, started shaking, and the tears just ran down my cheeks, so it was my turn to get a hug. We then noticed that Buster had peed on him self, but he recovered quickly.

If I had not reacted as fast as I did he would have fallen two floors and probably broke something even if the grass had dampened the fall.

I always have an eye on the dogs. I want to know where they are and I have always taken my role as the leader seriously. Today I am happy about that. Had I not looked at the dogs, I would have missed that Buster jumped.

I’m still shaking when I think about the scene. It’s like a movie being played over and over again in my head.

My sister said that she never heard me scream like that before. I have never been so scared before. Well, everything went well, and we closed the window and went out for a walk before our big sister with family came to pick up Buster and take him home.

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