Can we make our animals live longer than they do today?

As some of you know, I eat and live healthy today to help my immune system to be strong enough to handle my allergy. It works really well and I’m grateful that I have been able to breathe this summer and have the energy to live.

But then I began to think about Wille and his life. He often sneezes when he gets dried dog food. It does not matter what variety he gets and some days he sneezes a lot. Saw this TED talk about dogs and health and wonder now if the trip I have experienced with my health can be transmitted to dogs and their health.

Wille gets lots of vegetables because I eat like I do here at home. Also, I’m not perfect. I have eaten an ice cream this summer as well as a birthday brownie but at home, it is cauliflower and celery. Sounds so boring, but I am used to it now. Wille is more or less fond of some greens or fruit. Like green cabbage but not watermelon.

His candy here at home is carrots, broccoli, and green cabbage.

I have a splash of apple cider vinegar in his water bowl that helps both him and my cat Ebba with their digestion, and Wille gets coconut oil and garlic in the food.

To challenge our acceptance that dogs only live until they are ten years may be the next challenge we all should take on. Can we make our dogs live longer than they do today with a change of diet? Do you give your dog vegetable and fruit?

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