The judgement in the dog world

I think we all can agree that we all do our best to make sure our dogs have the best life we can give them. Whatever life you as an owner think is the best. Lots of sofa time, treats, and cuddle or long walks and lots of training and discipline. We come from different backgrounds and have separate ways of looking at our life with our dogs. From time to time I come across a comment or social media updates when the person behind the words thinks that their knowledge or experience of a life wit a dog trumps all others. They are a dog trainer or have had twenty dogs so they just put them self over you and where you come from without even asking why we believe in the way we do.

What happened to letting every person choose the path that is best for them and their dog without the guilt trip. Everybody don´t have the time or interest in dog psychology and dog training. That does not mean that the dog has a bad life or that the owner doesn’t care and that you can judge that life.

Being a dog trainer (seen from my perspective that pays to go to learn from someone) is as much leadership as anything else. They have to lead people towards their way of thinking and doing. But also accept that there are other ways.

When did we stop understanding and starting to judging people for taking another road then you took or are taking?

Who determines that someone has more knowledge than someone else or that their knowledge is more right than someone else’s? Just because you say something does not mean it’s a fact, just an opinion. Your opinion.

We can not all agree but we can be respectful of each other’s choices or the choices we made earlier without making people feel stupid. You can not be an expert on everything and there are many dog owners who do not have their dog as their greatest interest. Do not judge them for their choice or knowledge.

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