The thing about tick diseases

Wille got a tick yesterday and I cleared it as soon as I saw it, but it made me think about what it is for diseases I’m afraid he’ll get.

Found three diseases:
Lyme disease

All sound like they would kill my dog if he got them but when you read about each individual infection it did not seem like such a big problem, dogs get infrequently infected or get infected without getting sick or show symptoms of the disease.

So why do you hear so many horror stories about these diseases? Entered a forum where people discussed symptoms and treatment and anyone who had a dog who had any of the diseases also used repellent like Bravecto or Frontline on their dogs.

How is that even possible? You have given your dog a poison to keep ticks away, but the dog still gets sick. So, now you just poisoning the environment, right outside your house, without any of the benefits of a disease free life for your dog.

According to the Swedish Veterinary Office, (sorry they do not have an eng translation on their site) there are few dogs who get these diseases (in Sweden). It is not certain that you get infected even if you get a tick. And sometimes your dog have had the disease without symptoms.

I was advised to take a blood sample from Wille after each summer to see if he had any infection and if he had treat it then.

Sadly, there is not so much statistics available but what I know is that it does not help to give your dog poison, so why do it?

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