You and your dogs diet is the key to a healthy life

“We´ll have to shift food from being a cause to becoming a cure”. Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen (click)

I am watching The EAT Stockholm Food Forum (They send from their Facebook page. You can find it here (click).)

I still learn about food and nutrition, how to live a healthy life where my allergy does not get that control over my life it once had. I experiment to see what could give me the best quality of life with energy and how I can continue to stay well.

Love listening to the men and women who visit the EAT forum and talk about food, health, and the environment. There is so much to learn and even though I have first-hand information from the past years, I have much left to learn.

Sir Bob Geldof- Play your part, play it loud.

I have tried to get away from a plant-based food but the body says NO. Do not even think about it. So I have to listen and keep learning. Being sick is not acceptable to me, to excuse a tired life because I am allergic to grass does not exist.

Have noticed that Wille has started sneezing when we’re out and I wonder if he’s allergic to something. So in line with my own journey, I have to take on his to. He ate fresh food last year and didn´t sneeze during the summer so is it that diet that he must be on to be healthy? He became too skinny on that diet but I didn´t think so much of it then. Maybe more fat in his food would help. Must think about it and test so that his immune system is not damaged and he gets sick.

I have also been watching this documentary and are more certain that I am on the right path forward.

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