Does global warming make us give more poison to our dogs?


I have told you before that I read a lot about the tick. That little animal that makes grownups, in panic, give their dog poison and to say that it is the better choice instead of risking the diseases the tick is carrying.

I started to look to research outside of my own country, Sweden, to see how big the problem actually are and I was surprised to see that it is a big problem all around the world. Well, that explains the 34 million sold doses of the poison we give to our dogs. And that is just the poison we give our dogs to eat. I wonder how much we would add if we also counted the ones we put on their coat. A poison that does not only stay in our dog’s body but also gets out in the environment, when they pee or take a swim in the ocean.

My English aren´t nearly that good, yet, that I full out can understand a research like this (click) but it struck me that what they are researching is if it is the global warming that is the real problem in the battle against the tick. The tick just love what we are doing to our planet and what is our solution? To use our dogs to send out some more poison into the environment.

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