From Öland and the rental of an RV

Last summer we went to Öland during Midsummer and I had one of the best trips I ever had. Love Öland and would love to go there again. It is an island in southern Sweden. The air is so fresh there and even if it was sunny and warm the wind made it bearable. The pictures are from my Instagram. My old camera retired last summer so I don´t have any other pictures.

Read the blog Träningsglädje (English Translation) and they are traveling in a rented RV and it looks so cozy. They are in Norway. Can you have a dog in a rented RV? There are probably not many that allow it. But it would have been a fun experience, especially when I am very much in favor of hotel and hotel breakfast.

But last year we lived in a hostel which was the first time for both me and Wille:)

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