Is garlic killling my dog?

I am always on the lookout for new things to try, special natural health treatments that I think would work for Wille and me. Right now, as you know, I am interested in tick and flea repellent. I want something easy and natural that I can manage without a lot of work. So, Google is a girl’s best friend but also to read like a hundred other people’s statements about what they use for their dogs. When I try something on Wille, I do it after a lot of research and consideration.

What horrible thing did I do?

I week or two back I started to give Wille garlic after that I have read about it in Dogs Naturally magazine (click). You can give your dog garlic in moderation, and it is an old way of keeping ticks and fleas from the dog.

The thing is that when I started to tell people that I had taken off the amber necklace and gave Wille garlic instead, many of them said that I was poisoning him. I calmly asked them where they got that information from and if they could send me a link or something so that it was not just their words with little of truth behind. No one did send me anything. People that was for garlic send me, on the other hand, more links on Swedish veterinarian sites (click) that said that garlic in moderation could help against ticks. This link is one of many links with information about it.

How much do I give?

I give Wille 0.5 clove a day. Do not know if it works on every dog and if it is dangerous for some but if you want to try, do your research beforehand, use fresh garlic, chop it well and increase slowly.

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