Who gets 1000-3000 babies a year and are best friend with the beaver?

Did you know that the female tick lay 1000-3000 egg a year? Oh my god! That is quite a number of new ticks from one single animal or vermin if you like.

I am reading about ticks right now and it is a fascinating animal, nasty, but fascinating. Had no idea that a beaver is the ideal animal for them to feast on. Have to do with the damp environment the beaver live in.

Around 1-3 ticks of 15 000 in Sweden carry the disease Borrelia but in an resarch done by Naturvårdsverket (click) in Sweden 2016 it showed that deers “clean” the ticks from Borrelia. Deers are incapable to pass the disease on to another animal. They think that it is the Vole (field mouse) that has the Borrelia and that Borrelia would decrease the years we have fewer Vole. Now I get this invention I have written about earlier (click). They will be done with the research in 2018.

I was also suprised to read SVA:s (veterinarian reseach) information about Borrelia and dogs. Borrelios is quite common in dogs but the they rarely get sick. I have read something similar with humans, an resarch done in the northern part of Sweden, they collected 10 000 ticks for resarch, they came to the conclusion that many of the people that got bitten of a tick that carried Borrelia did not get the disease. Sorry, I can not find the link to that resarch.

I have just started to read about this and when you start you find a whole lot of information.

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