How I got rid of my grass allergy with the help of the walks

We are half way thru May and I have still not felt the grass allergy that I have had since I was around twenty years old. The last couple of years It got worse and did get me to, in panic, go to the hospital because I was afraid that I would die. Not pretty at all but I got thru it and started over with the whole healthy thing. No sugar, no wheat, no dairy. Lots of walks in nature and to drink a lot of green tea. I have noticed that I don’t get ill that often anymore and that my allergy hasn’t knocked me over yet. Yes, we have a few months left of the grass growing but I used to be so tired this time a year. From may to September. Me sleeping thru the summer were more common then unusually. And we are really talking about the whole summer.

The one advice Wille has been a huge help with is that I, during the time I was really ill in allergy, should spend as much time as I could outside and go on long walks. My slight obsession with walks comes from that advice. I thought he was joking. I couldn’t breathe, let along be outside and the doctors has always said to me that I should spend the summer indoors. The advice here was to do the opposite of what everyone has told me to do before but I am glad that I toke that advice and that I had Wille to push me out the front door. I am not celebrating just yet but if the grass allergy kicks in only in June, July, and August, then that would be ok with me. To go from six months of red eyes, sneezing and tiredness to only three, that would be a huge improvement.

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