The show dog trot is very good for the every day conditon

I will be honest with you and say that Wille and I need to practice on the show dog trot. You know that high head, long legs and winning forward trot. The one trot we do not come close to today. He wants to gallop or jump up on me because I am running. Very fun apparently. But we take a few running sessions during our walk and just when he stops galloping and starts trotting he gets a treat, and we rest for a few minutes. My condition is not the best, I am afraid. Need some improvement, big time, but a little gets a long way. We have two weeks to get this trot to be show dog fabulous.

Does anyone have some good advice for me? I have him on my left side and I have a treat in my left hand and the leash lose but sometimes I have to use it to slow him down. Should I just let him run till he slows down in a trot by himself or should I continue to use the leash as a break?

I am showing him myself this time and I am not nearly as good at it as his breeder are.

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