How can I get the training with my dog done?

This weekend, when we were out on our long walk, we met a friend, so we stayed and talked. After a while, we began to discuss how often I train Wille and if I have a strict training schedule for him.

I have never had long training sessions with Wille when it comes to everyday training. I have chosen to train little but often. We train stop and sit when a car passes us on the road and also a few times when we met someone who cycles or comes walking. The real everyday life gives us better chances on what we need to train than I can try to plan during a training session.

So during our four-hour-long walk, we practiced three or four times what Wille should do when we meet people, cars or people on cycles. I didn’t know that that was what we needed to train when we went out on the walk but because I was quick to react to the situations around us it became a great opportunity.

I hear from a lot of people that they have difficulties to actually do the much-needed training with their dog. They know what they need to train but they can’t figure out the best way to go at it. If you thinking about how to get started or how to keep up with the schedule of your dog’s training, try to think about how you and your dog work best together. Is it easier for both you and your dog to have specific times during the week when you go to a place and have the training perfectly planned? Then try to have one day a week to get it done. Are you tired of thinking about planning? Then you may do as I do with Wille. Bring treats when you go out and figure out along the way what situations you want or need to train.

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