Deer chasing can be so fun for a dog

Deer chasing can be so fun for a dog and is always a possibility when you take a walk in the woods with your dog.

You go through the woods, slowly, with your thoughts elsewhere and the dog is a few meters from you. Suddenly you’ll hear something in the bushes and both you and your dog stops and scouts to see what kind of animal you are encounter. The dog gets tense and stretches his head to see properly through the vegetation. Between the leaves, a small animal head appears. It stands there, as frozen to the ground of fear before it begins to run. In a second, the dog has taken up the deer chasing. You call out and run after, watching your dog disappear through the bushes and trees and all you can think of is that you are never going to keep up with the two of them. The deer chasing is at a pace you can not hold. The thought of disaster runs thru your mind and you are completely sure that the dog will get out on the street and get overrun. It’s over now, the dog is going to die.

This little story spins around in my head every time we go on a walk in the woods and encounter a deer. I know Wille does not chase deer, but yet I see disaster every time. Don´t think I ever going to trust him completely so I continue to train the stop and recall command. Reading articles like this one (click) and try to train as much as we can with distractions just so I can get some peace of mind.

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