To make these ones stay alive

Asked earlier this week (on other media) what you think about the blog and have most received encouraged answers and that I do a good job and should not change anything. Nice to hear, that made me happy. Had expected a lot of opinions but they never came. The blog will continue as it is for a while. Why fix something that is not broken.

It is a calm day for us. I have had a headache this whole week that I just ignored but I am feeling kind of tired today. I guess that it is the weather, it just can´t make up its mind if it wants to snow or be sunny. Really annoying.

I have started to buy flowers and grow things on my windowsill. Right now a sweet potato. Have no idea if it is going to be something of this but it is fun to wait and see. I have always liked having flowers in my home but everyone slowly died when I was occupied with my exhaustion and depression. So it feels good to bring som new living flowers in the house and to make these ones stay alive.

I hope you have a nice day today and keep on beeing fabulous.

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