Bike ride with your dog

I am going to take a bike ride with Wille around lunch. Today I have him next to the bike on his leash, with me holding the leash in my left hand as I try to steer the cycle and keep and eye on Wille. This is really unsafe, so I am going to buy a device that can hold the leash instead of me doing it. Preferably one that attaches to the seat post. It keeps the dog in the same place next to the bicycle but it also let the dog have some space and not get too close to the bicycle. I also use a dog harness when we are on a bike ride.

For longer bike rides

I would also like a dog carriage so we could be out for longer rides. If I had one today we would have gone to Northern Lidingö. Wille doesn’t have the condition to run that far and we need to work on that slowly. It would have been so nice to be able to let him rest or sleep back in the carriage when he needed but I can keep going.

Cycling is good for your dog, but you have to start slowly and expand. Think not to let the dog run on asphalt long stretches, rest when needed and bring water for it to drink. Keep an eye on it all the time so you do not miss if it gets distracted by something and wants to go there or if it comes to a halt. Happened to me once, when I was cycling with a Flat coat retriever. He stopped and I and the bike fell down on the gravel road. It hurt really bad and I had a big wound on the knee for a long while.

I got Wille accustom of the bicycle last summer so I do not have to redo it, but I’ll take it easy so neither he nor I get hurt. I will start by walking next to it and when everything seems to go well we can take the nex step and cycling.

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