It feels like a special day

We got up early this morning because I have a lot of things I need to check of the list. I have to pick up the rental car and then some packages including Wille’s new shampoo and conditioner that will be fun to try today.

Then I´m going to the library to print out the papers we need to bring with us tomorrow and buy some food. Always nice to bring something to eat and drink.

We will go for a long walk and then have the whole evening to brush and trim a little before he has to take a bath and then I have to wrap him in a clean towel and let the coat rest for thirty minutes, before I finish with blow-drying the coat while brushing to make the coat as straight as possible.

We have to get up early tomorrow to be there in good time and get a good parking lot. Wish me good luck so that everything will get as planned today:) Happy, happy Friday everyone.

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