To retrieve with a spaniel

I lost my whistle a while back. Can´t pinpoint when I lost it but I don´t find it now. So can´t retrieve but I both two new whistles this weekend and they are already on their way. Love the service!  In the meantime, I am reading about how you should train a working spaniel. I am happy to read that I do have the ground work already and I haven’t lost that much time in training. It says that t is optimal to train your dog when it is one and a half year up to two years old. Willes second birthday is in may.

I am gong to work out som kind of plan with the information I can get from books, online and from trainers and see if we can’t go to the next step this summer.

Something that made me laugh in the book was the description of cocker spaniel as a working dog.

The trainer cannot force a cocker spaniel to do something the dog doesn´t want to do; with such a dog, the best way is to think around the problem and try a different approach.- Graham Gibson

They aren´t the easiest dog to handle but it is a real joy when you come so far in the training that you can see your cocker spaniel really working for you. The book I am reading are for hunters so it is mainly about the springer spaniel or the working spaniel and not the showy kind but we are not going out hunting so it doesn’t matter.

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