Does winning mean everything?

I have to trim away a lot of fur today for next week´s dog show. It is sunny and warm today so we can be outside for that.

He has gained weight and isn´t as slim as he was a week ago. Is kind of scary how fast you can change that. You really have to watch your dogs weight. I feel that I’ve done what I can for him to have the best conditions for the show. So keep your fingers crossed that it will go well for him.

Got a comment one time that said, so, he must win? Asked myself that question. Did Wille really have to win? I am driven by setting goals. Goals I want to achieve so I can check them, celebrate and then move on. He doesn’t have to win but I know myself and we have to get somewhere for my interest to remain so, there must be a meaning for all the work. For example, to get three certificates. Which is my goal for this little adventure.

I learn a lot along the way and now when he gets a little more experience to run in the ring, maybe I can take over to show him eventually. That would be my next goal. To be able to show him myself.

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