When did I give up the fight for the sofa?

I looked at my white sofa yesterday and wondered when I gave up on saving it from my dog and all the messiness he brings to the house. I remember a white sofa when he first came home with me but after that, the memories become a little blurry. I see an exhausted me, a happy and energetic ten-week-old munchkin playing on the sofa beside me. His dirty little paws leaving prints on the fabric and I hadn´t the energy to save it. From there on the sofa had to defend it self and it has done a lousy job.

My white sofa is not white anymore and it never will be again. It is Willes sofa now but I am going to buy a cover that I can throw on and take off in one piece when it needs to be washed.

Do you also have one piece of furniture that you have surrendered to your dog?

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