They have found a new way to get rid of ticks but is it something we really want?

I read yesterday an article in a Swedish newspaper which said that they found/developed a new way to get rid of ticks, which did not include that we give our dogs poison. Instead, the poison is placed in a small box that is inserted into the wild, and the idea is that rodents will find its way into the box and there die of poison. That would then bring down the number of ticks and maybe get them to completely die out.

It is not permitted to put things like that out in nature in Sweden so it would be up to local authorities here to decide how they want to do. Which makes it a little more complicated. Is it better to make a long-term plan with the new way to phase out the tick or would it do less harm to go out hard from the start?

What do you think of this idea?

I’m ambivalent, on the one hand, we want the ticks to disappear without making the dog its greatest enemy, on the other hand, do we really want to let out more toxins into the forest?

It will be interesting to follow the new trend that does not have its focus on the dog.

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