Bathtime for Wille

I love bathing time for Wille. He? Not so mutch but he likes the part when I wrap him up in the bath towel and he gets to sit on my lap and dry. He always falls asleep then. I use the blowdryer after our snuggle time so that he gets totally dry. He sits on his own bed, waiting for his treat that always comes after something fur related. When Wille was a puppy he was a total drama queen when we had to manage his fur. It was a show every time but we have worked from day one on that and today he is calm and just wants his treat in the end.


So, the car rental industry sucks when you have a dog

Wille and his sister, when he was a puppy, at a dog show.

I have to be at Västerås dog show at eight a clock in April and I´m not going there by train so the only way I can be on time is to rent a car. It was more or less a thrilling experience to google to rent a car when you have a dog. The car rental industry sucks, and I really mean it, when it comes to renting a car when you have a dog.

At one place I have to pay for sanitation of the whole car after which costs more than me actually renting the car for the whole weekend and I have to have a cage that is approved to drive around a dog in. Wille used a seatbelt so I don’t have a cage and they are also not cheap to buy.

When I had the Audi

I can understand the rental car industry but seriously?

I would rather borrow/rent a car from someone I know at a normal price but none of the peeps around me have a car. I was the designated driver. So someone in my circle needs to buy a car A S A P so they can drive me around for a change:) Obviously, I´m joking and I probably going to find a rental place that has normal demands on the people that rent their cars but I felt like being irritated this gray Sunday.

How did your morning start? Happy? Tired? or are you joining me in my irritating state of mind?


Happy saturday

I´m preparing myself for a life with no car. Ok, kind of dramatic but when you have had a car for eleven years and that suddenly stops you have to change all of your routines. I did though that it would be harder for me even if it is not easy. Had such a hard time selling the Audi last year. Loved that car even if it was a weird car. As some of you know, I could not turn the car engine off last summer. Turned the key off and stepped outside and looked at the car and It would start up again by itself with me standing beside with the car key in my hand. It wasn’t fun then but today I can laugh about it. It had humor that car:) My own little Herbie.

I got a lot of kisses this morning by Wille. It´s going to be a calm Saturday.


Not so good news this friday

I needed to leave my car in the garage today for them to check what’s wrong with it and took the opportunity to go for a long walk with Wille. We also saw Isabella Löwengrip (Click), who went by in his gorgeous Panamera. For those of you who do not know, she runs Scandinavia’s largest blog.

Now I need to think about what I should do with my car. No good news there:( Well, that’s life I guess. Wille and I had a nice walk that started at seven a clock and we were home again at nine. Here you have the pictures from our walk. Hope you have a nice Friday. Love from us.

We walked a bit longer than the map showes:)


The thing about spring…muddiness!

In the land of the muddiness, we have a happy dog. It´s days like this I would like to have a big sink outside the dog park there I could bathe Wille and have a carwash blowdryer for him to go through before he jumps into the car on the way home. Should I suggest that to Lidingö city? It would help me a lot.

I love spring with all its muddiness and cleaning of dog and home. My batteries are always on 50% during the whole winter but at the first glimpse of the sun they charged to 150% and I get really happy. Yes, it’s a lot of dirt that has to be removed from Willes fur after every time we are out and having fun but the sun and the warmth make it all worth it. I endure Winter with its darkness and cold just to have this moment in the spring when I get to face the sun and get all red on the cheeks. Happy time.

That time of the year with all its new beginnings and possibilities. I just have to give Wille a bath first.

Take care now where ever you are. Love Mirella and Wille.


How should I think about the speed?

I noticed on one of our walks that Wille got tired at the end of the walk and that made me think about the race Hundlöpet (click) that we are going to participate in this fall. We are probably going to have my sister with us and I want us to have a good pace during the whole race.

My sister and Wille on Djurgården, Stockholm. Sweden

A walk can be a nice relaxing thing for you and your dog to do every day but it can also have another purpose. I think differently now, instead of one long walk every day and a few short we are going on three half an hour to forty few minutes long walks at a good pace.

That would do the trick to get us into shape this spring. Don´t you think?

My sister and Wille on Gärdet, Stockholm. Sweden

The goal for us

The goal is of course for us to make it true the race and feel energized afterward.

Walking yourself into shape

I listened to a Swedish celebrity that used to compete in walking and he said that it was a really go way to get into shape. Just walk but do it fast. Well, I have a dog and we always out on walks so we try this one and see how it goes.

Are you exercising with your dog?


Tick season means hippie season for Wille or at least some Rose oil

Tick season means hippie season for Wille

Tick season is incoming and isn´t it irritating that the seasons we all long for during the winter also means tick season? Started to think about that now when the grass still is short and yellow but soon it will be flourishing and hide all the nasty little buggers that make our nature walks less of a joy.

Necklace against tick season

I need to buy a new amber necklace and stack up on spray bottles. Did you know that vinegar is supposed to help against ticks and fleas? I had no idea.

Wille and Buster playing in the grass

The industry

I like that we have tablets that we can give our dogs that kill ticks but history has learned us that mother nature adjusts well and one day becomes resistance against the substances we are so eager to push out into the market. I think it´s good for us not to forget other types of remedies for tick season even if it means a little more work.

Amber necklace

What to do?

We are also going to try Rose Geranium Essential Oil (click) which is supposed to work wonders with ticks. Has anybody tested it, on yourself or your dog? You just have to put some drops on you and your dog before you go out.

Wille is not a dog that gets a lot of ticks but one can be one too many so we try some new things to see if we like it.


Cocker spaniel and the hell no I won´t let go

We were out for hours yesterday in the nice weather and Wille carried this tennis ball all the way. At the end, I needed to take it from him because he dropped it and left it in the wood. He didn´t take that lightly. It´s a weird thing this obsession with balls.

How they can carry them and guard them with their lives.

The ball is more important than people and dogs we met during our walk and he can´t drop the ball and go great others because someone can take his ball and run away with it. So he always puts a distance between him and others. Just to be safe. His mission is to protect that ball.

He looks proud when he trots with his head high so everyone we met during our walk had a cute thing to say to Wille and his ball. He looks like this…


Sun block Sunday

Autocorrect were killing me yesterday:) It wanted to (and did) change all the few words I wrote in that little post. Don´t like to use the phone for writing blog posts, now I remember why.

We went out yesterday evening and Wille had some fun… There is nothing more an owner wishes for here wet dog to do besides digging up a bunch of dirt that sticks to the fur. Fun, fun, fun..

And then we had dinner with my sister. She is so cute. She spontaneously said that she also wanted to have someone to hug all the time and yes that is what we do, hug Wille all the time, like always.

I should stay at home today to clean and do laundry but it´s so nice weather that we are going out and not going home before we are sick of all the fresh air and doesn’t want to hear another bird sing. Best to put some sunblock on so I don’t come home all red.