When it is time to move on

So, then it was time to say goodbye to something I’ve done for five years. Feels like I started yesterday:) Blogging has been a challenge and I have had a great time working with it but my heart is not in it anymore. Challenges make you grow and I have learned a lot during all these years. I am grateful for all the experience:)

I have a new job in sight now and have started to work for it to be a reality. I am also going to take a step back from social media. I would like to thank all who have read, commented and shared during all these years. You are the best and I will miss you.

This will be the last blog post here. Hug Mirella and Wille.


We have a problem in the family

It’s nearly eleven o´clock, and I’m writing on my presentation about air pollution in London. I have the presentation on November 3rd. Had the grammar exam today so I am a little tired but also got the test results from the phonology exam, I passed. I am in a flow right now. I am reading about health issues with environmental pollution and nuclear weapons. All the good we could do with all the money (it is a couple of billions) we spend on weapons of mass destruction. So sad.

I have invited my four sisters Carolina, Vanessa, Alexandra and Desirée (from the oldest to the youngest with me in the middle) for dinner in early December. But when we talked about the occasion we noticed that we had a small problem. Or maybe it’s not a problem, rather a chance to think properly, so we don´t exclude anyone. We are two vegans in the family, me and Dea, Ajja is a vegetarian, Carro probably eating everything and Vanne has an LCHF like lifestyle.

How do you make sure nobody will be excluded? To say to someone that they can eat before or bring their own food is not a way to make people feel welcomed. I do want us to eat the same food. We will definitely come up with something good, but it made me think about how we can integrate our lifestyle with others who have chosen another lifestyle without making it difficult or unnecessarily big.


For a better world

A dream I had when I was a little girl, besides working as a diplomat, was to work with a charity. I don´t know where I got that idea from but it came back this summer after endless hours of reading about animal rights. So much education that is needed out there in the world and support to do the changes that need to be done. In the future, I would like to have my own foundation for animal rights and support actions against animal testing, dog meat, and poaching.

I can start by sharing this link that goes to L’Oréal  (Link), urging them to stop testing their products on animals. The more people that sign the petition the bigger the pressure on the brand to take action. Stand for something for once and take responsibility for what they are doing.

Please sign and share this list. Each voice counts. Each name creates a change. Be part of that change and make your voice heard.


When you order a dead raccoon 

I know that I have this Lexington parka in the closet. Bought it a couple of years ago when it was freezing outside, and I couldn´t stop shaking. I just wanted a parka that kept me warm, and I fell in love with this beige one. It never crossed my mind that the fur on it was real and the filling was goose feathers. I know that it hangs there in my closet as a reminder of that cold winter and that I bought a parka that cost more than my rent, and now I can´t wear it. Every time I look at it I see a dead raccoon and a bunch of geese without their feathers. Which, I supported and paid for. Ohh the guilt.

I do not know what I should do with it though. Sell it? Give it away? Is there a needy person out there who needs a warm parka? I don´t know so I just put it back in the closet and look for another jacket that doesn’t make me feel sick. I can´t make things I have done in the past undone, but I can make better choices today and in the future.


The new wild life in New York

I so would love to visit National Geographics Encounter (link), Time Square, New York. They say that it is the ultimate undersea experience and I want to see that. I love this kind of new, innovated way of educating people. To give people chans to learn about wild animals and to make it fun without the cost of a life in captivity. I so want to go to New York now and support this with all my heart.

Do you think that this can be the new way of teaching about wild animals that make the old become uninteresting? Who wants to see a depressed killer whale do tricks when you can watch magic? I don´t know but I really hope (for all the animals in captivity) that this is the big, bright new way and that we leave all the old behind us. Let the next generation do better than the old one. Let us move forward.


Date me, date my dog

I got a text from one of my friends: You need to read this book (Link). You are going to love it! So, I obviously downloaded it and read it today and yes I love it. Haven’t laughed that much in a while, mostly for the brilliance in the writing but also that some of it actually is true:) How you find Mr. right when you have a dog. I´m so going to let Wille help me from here on. I never realized what a valuable source he is when it comes to picking the right man.

The author shares some facts like women have three times as many conversations when they´re with a dog and also helps you locate the best places where you can meet a guy.

Like community service- No, not the kind where he´s in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash on the side of the road. A guy who volunteers to build houses for the homeless or feed the hungry is bound to have the right kind of heart for you and your dog. And if he´s walking dogs for your local animal shelter, try not to drool as you introduce yourself- Leigh Anne Jasheway

One thing that surprised me where that people date on Facebook or use Facebook as an online dating site. Since when do people date on Facebook? How do they do it? Do they join a group or just find a hot guy and what? Send a private message? Hi, I really like your profile picture. Fancy a drink? I have never heard about that before but I guess that it probably would work.


I am sorry

I love my life even if I, for now, have a huge amount of studying to do. Grammar test in two weeks and I did put Grammar on hold while I focused on Phonology so I have to make up for that time. Managed to do the four-hour phonology test in under an hour. Pretty proud about that. But it is so much fun. Hard work in a crazy speed but oh-my-god what you learn in such a short period of time. I really love my university, the teachers and the structure they have.

I am so boring right now. I study around twelve hours a day, with a lot of short pauses, I have to eat and take care of Wille:). I go to the gym on my free time (yoga tomorrow, yey), on long walks with Wille (in both pouring rain and sunshine) and have to keep up with current events in all the English speaking countries. I still haven’t found a pod or radio program I can listen to. I am going to have this schedule till Oktober 20, it will become much easier after the grammar test. Hope you are well and look forward to the weekend.


A break with writing

It is a bit too much right now, and I decided yesterday that I need to prioritize and sadly the blog ended up last on the list. I have two big exams in October that I need to study for. I get a lot of request about work that I want to do, and I also spend some time at the gym (can´t walk today after an hour with a personal trainer earlier this week). I have squeezed in some family-museum- time also.

The thing that tipped over the “too much to do” is a new book idea that did come to me this morning and every character, plot, and twist traveled from my thoughts to the paper in less than two hours. It surprised me, and I LOVE this story. This story is a little bit darker than my first book, and it is going to be so fun to explore that dark side of this world. I am still going to be here but not as much as I have been. Love Mirella.


He has saved me many times from anxiety

I watched a youtube video today made by one of Swedens most famous YouTuber, and she talked about anxiety. The video made me think about autumn 2015 and my exhaustion or breakdown that was at its peak then. I was home with Wille September, and October 2015 and all focus was on him because if I slowed down, listened to my body or in other ways stopped, I would have had to change my whole life. Well, that happened whether I wanted it or not and today I am glad that it did. That life in some weird way stepped in and removed me from every person that wasn’t good for me and all the routines and structures I tried to hold on to. I was too tired to keep on fighting for something that drained me. Wille was a big part of my recovery which started in January 2016 and ended this summer 2017. Nothing and nobody including myself were more important than Wille, probably because it was an easier way to go than to explain to everyone what was going on.

He has saved me many times from anxiety. There were so many times I just dropped my bag in the hallway and went on a long walk, up to four, five hours in total silence just so that my heart would stop raising. Wille always there, happy and the worlds best company. Today I see why he became my whole life and why he means so much to me. He came when I needed him the most:) Sweetheart. I am so happy today, grateful for everything I have and how my life, day by day, gets more exciting. I do not rush anymore, If things are meant to happen then they will.

Now I am going to read chapter 3 and 11 in my grammar book and then I am done for today with the studying.


I think Pitbulls should be banned!

I have found the topic, don’t you agree? Had no idea that a few cities in Canada have banned Pitbulls. Some cities still hold the owner responsible for attacks though. I obviously do not agree with this but it is a good exercise.

The statistics (dog attacks) are down since they banned the breed and the citizens feel safer in their town so it really has to be a dangerous breed. What do you think of breeds like Pitbull? Are they dangerous? Would you like your city to ban the breed?

The cocker spaniel was once known to be the breed that most likely would bite its owner and they had a “cocker rage” reputation. But what I know no city has banned them. When I talk to older people about the breed they often say that they have had a cocker that wasn´t all clear in the head but breeders today have done a fantastic job to correct that temperamental error the breed once had.