I ain’t no fraid of no ghosts

I´m feeling a bit emotinal today.

Mostly because I got such a fine text message yesterday. Sometimes you forget that every day is a chance to influence and change someone’s situation. Great to have such a text message from someone who did not have to send it unless he wanted to.

The ghost in the dogpark

Today Wille got a view of a scary ghost, namely a backpack standing on a chair. He surprised me when he started barking at the creation so I took the camera and filmed. Looks a little funny when he cautiously approaches and then runs away. Have never seen him do so and definitvt never heard him bark so earlier.


The return of the snow

The snow is back but the outside temperature is around zero degrees. Always fun to have a dog then. Gets wet everywhere. 

Wille has become so good when the doorbell rings nowadays. He leaps into the kitchen and stay there most of the time. A few numbers of times I have had to lead him to the kitchen again. Sure, he would love to greet our visitors but on the whole it goes really well.


So the brain can figure things out

Tried to be creative yesterday and give Wille something to think about. He is fantastic with his snout and can find everything in the way of food, but to figure out how to open a bag or dislodge something is a little more difficult.

Therefore, I think a lot of activating both the nose and the brain so the brain can figure things out and the nose just find stuff.

Since Wille is so good at finding I sometimes tell him to look, and when he looked for a while lay out the candy then. He will then have to really work through the whole room or apartment.


When mommy forgets

We’ve been away and purchased food to Wille. He gets fresh food now a period and some carrots, marrow-bone and sausages as a treat.

This morning i made a impromptu breakfast. You take what you have because Wille don’t skip breakfast or delays it. He becomes a huge diva when it’s around feedingtime. It’s all about him because he is starving. Now he is chewing on a bone next to me. For me it’s coffee (decaff) and soon I’ll have to clean the appartment. Have booked a walk with my sister later today. We talk on the phone while we go out with our dogs.

Hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday


Before retrieving, gametime!

As a warmup before retrieving, we made a little game. I threw the dummie and asked Wille to run and get it. We have trained a lot on this because Wille didn´t want to hand over the dummie earlier. He dropped it before he ran up to me to get the reward. That is something Cocker spaniels is known for. They can have i minor ”my prescious” mentality about things but with a lot of practise and stubborness you can get past that little problem. This is huge progress for us.

What we are doing.

1 throw

2 Say go-get-it

3 Give a reward


About page update

I really wish we were lying in bed right now but we are already in the stable when you read this. Getting some dirt under our nails and a lot of exercise. Wille like the horses’ food so he vacuums the stable floor for pellets and then he needs to go… frequently after. Like four or five times.

I updated my about page with a english one, for all you new English-speaking readers. You can find i here (click)


When I want to cheer up

I love flowers and especially tulips. The apartment is cleaned and these stand in the window for every one to see. They cheer you up, don’t they? Tulips means spring for me and yes I long for spring now. Especially the flowers that pop up everywhere.

It has been a nice week with lot for me to think about and learn. I hope that something good is coming from all the inspiration that sprinkled over me these last days. 

Have a nice weekend my dear readers.


He is making a mess

Friday morning and we have been outside for the daily early morning walk. I haven’t had a sleep-in since Wille moved in. He is a real early bird my dog. It looks like it’s going to be a lovely day today. 


He is fabulous

HIGH FIVE people. We are training sit, down, sit nicely and HIGH five. He is so fab. 

We needed to get in to the right mood for retrieving so started with this. It always end with me laughing at Wille. He is so eager so he is trying to enticepate my next command.