Happy weekend

It has been a really good week. Just for this moment, I’m happy. Really happy and it has nothing to do with a person, thing or circumstance. Just really happy. I am holding tight to that feeling as it can disappear quickly. Circumstances can change in a minute and your whole life can fall apart. Been there, done that!

Life is not perfect and there are some things I would like to change if I could but to feel satisfied and happy about the life you have, right now, even if it’s not perfect, is amazing.

Wille has become less food focused now when he gets more food, I assume that he has been hungry when he didn´t get the fat and protein that he needed to grow and be strong. However, the hearing seems to have flown away when the energy came to join us, but we are working on it. He is good but a little nonchalant and wants to run around in circles most of the time. Not really, but almost. He´s turning two next month, but he behaves like he was one again. I remember now why I activated him like crazy when he was a puppy and youngster and we do wake up, yet again, at five in the morning because Wille wants to get up, get up, get up! He doesn’t win this time but It is fun to relive the puppy thing. He has never been an easy dog but he is fun.

It is Friday today and we are going to continue to work with the stop for the whistle for the whole weekend. Hope the weather is gong to be on our side, then we will take the bike to northern Lidingö.

We wish you a really nice, happy and fun Friday. Love.


We are in the wardrobe if you want something

I started to clean out the wardrobe yesterday and the animals in this household just had to be where I was. Tripped over them a few times. Do your dogs or cats also like when you clean out the wardrobe? Mine comes running like I have a big bag of food in there.

On the break, we trained some stop with the whistle. He is so fun to train now and we are making progress. I have videos:)

I always get so surprised of how much clothes I have. I use maybe 1/4 of all the clothes in the wardrobe.

I have a few things left to take care of but did the main part yesterday.


Speedy mr bounce gets happy with new food

As we left Västerås and the dog show this weekend I had new dog food with me and a plan to how I would make Wille gain some weight. He is too thin and needs more protein and fat. Now, three days later I can see the difference in energy in him. He is back to his energetic self and runs around, jumping and does his carousel thing. You know, all the things people say is a sign of anxiety in a dog but he is just happy and his energetic self.

Last summer one person told me that Wille started to get fat and because that person works with dog food and nutrition I believe it and started to give him less food. He has not been starving, of course, but he didn´t get what he needed and he got tired. I noticed that he got calmer this winter and lost his energetic way but I didn´t think of the food. I thought that it was because he has gotten older and left the puppy year behind.

Now he is a happy, happy dog because he gets more food and he loves it.


American dog trainer hangs his puppy in the collar and people cheering on

I was watching a video on Facebook that was impressive so I checked where the video came from and ended up on this kennels Facebook. (click) 

Then I did not really know what to say when I saw this man hanging his little puppy in the dog collar to get it loose its grip. His supporters cheer on and call the puppy a warrior. What is wrong with people? Would they like to be treated like this if they were to learn something? If they think so then we do have a whole other problem. Let’s pick up the ropes and test these people first and then evaluate if they thought it was a good way.

What do you think of the video?

I would not trust anything this man says or does even if he has some impressive videos on his Facebook. If he can hang his puppy, he can do all kinds of weird things of the camera to get the result he wants us to see.


Retrieving basic- stopsignal for whistle

Do you remember my blog post (click) last week about retrieving and that I started with the basics again?

We have trained five minutes at a time, a few times a day and I looks like this now:

As you can see, he doesn’t have his full attention on me but I want him to do what I want him to do before I actually ask him to do it. So I stop and have my hand up as a stop sign, then I wait for his attention and when I have that and he sees the stop sign (my hand) and sits I blow the signal in the whistle. I am very careful with the whistle signal so I don´t use it without us having a chance for a treat and praise for good work. Positive training is the best training and what makes it so fun.


It feels like a special day

We got up early this morning because I have a lot of things I need to check of the list. I have to pick up the rental car and then some packages including Wille’s new shampoo and conditioner that will be fun to try today.

Then I´m going to the library to print out the papers we need to bring with us tomorrow and buy some food. Always nice to bring something to eat and drink.

We will go for a long walk and then have the whole evening to brush and trim a little before he has to take a bath and then I have to wrap him in a clean towel and let the coat rest for thirty minutes, before I finish with blow-drying the coat while brushing to make the coat as straight as possible.

We have to get up early tomorrow to be there in good time and get a good parking lot. Wish me good luck so that everything will get as planned today:) Happy, happy Friday everyone.


When you find the one, don´t let go

I searched high and low for the perfect floor cleaning for when you have a dog. What I wanted was:

  1. As environmentally friendly as it could be
  2. Odorless, good at keeping the home fresh without smelling of vanilla or some other scent.
  3. easy to buy over the internet

I got two out of three. Found “the one” a year ago at Västerås hundutställning and don´t want any other cleaning solution. It is a small Swedish company that makes this biological cleaning solution and I can only buy it on the dog shows I attend. None of their suppliers sell the solution via the internet. I hope they are there on Saturday because I can´t go home without a BIG bottle.

I have to keep a reminder on my mobile so I don´t forget.


Amazing day with a little grooming

We started this amazing day with a little grooming. With two days left to the dog show I get pickier and I see areas that need improving all the time but I have difficulties with my hand/eye coordination, I can see what needs to be done but I can´t do it. But I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish this time. It is the first time I’m working this much with Willes coat for a dog show.

Anyone else having a trim coat to keep in check like this? It’s not so much that there is a lot of fur, but rather that it should be cut at the right angle and if I use the king coat too much there is a risk that I then destroy the coat, so I need to pick a little hand too. There is so much to know.