Why I don´t give my dog fish and why you shouldn´t either

Lots have happened since I began the journey to a more healthy life for both me and my animals. How to use food as a way to keep the immune system as strong as it can be and that I wish for us to live a long and healthy life. I am adding a lot of greens in Willes and my food and try to eat as clean as possible.

What I do not give my animals is fish and I do not eat it my self either, even though I love to eat fish. Why? I have always had an interested in the environment but this year that interest became more of an obsession and I have learned so much about what is going on in the world. Three things that concern our fishing:

  1. We are overfishing our oceans
  2. The fish that we have out in nature now is in some grade toxic
  3. The fish, and also marine animals, eat the plastic that ends up in our oceans and if we eat them the plastic ends up in us or our pets. Lifes irony I guess.

“It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don’t know everything.”
― Alexander McCall SmithMorality for Beautiful Girls

Swedens national food agency gives the recommendation to not eat more than one fish a week from the Baltic sea because of toxins. When you give that kind of recommendation about food, that you can find out in nature something is really wrong and I want to be part of the change that we all need to go through for our environment to have a breather.

One thing that got really graphic with our fishing problem in the world was when I watched the Google and Leonardo Dicaprio foundation project Global Fishing Watch there you can see how many boats that are out fishing right now. My first thought was: Is there any fish left to take? That and the knowledge that fish today are so polluted has made me not to give fish to Ebba and Wille.

I and my animals just not only exist on the planet but we make a footprint and what I believe my children are going to belive and talk about. It feels right to take a stand against our consumption, how small that stand even is.

You can calculate your environmental footprint on The climate account. I did not like the question: How much are you spending on your pet a year? I spend way too much on my pets.

Do you think on your pets environmental footprint out in the world? Tell me. I would love to know:)


The best way to teach your puppy to lay down

The best way to teach your puppy to lay down is to wait. Wait? Yes, Wait.

Take something really yummy and have it as a teaser in your hands. Let the puppy know that you have it but do not do or say anything. You have to stand up with the yummy treat in your hands. The puppy is going to try to figure out what it needs to do for you to give him/her the treat. You just stand there, watching and waiting, probably with the puppy jumping, trying to do everything it can come to think of to get the treat. The puppy is eventually going to give up and lay down. It can take a while, I waited 30 minutes for Wille to lay down the first times we trained this.

The steps

1: Take Something yummy

2: Stand up but with your concentration on the puppy

3: Just wait and watch the puppy

4: When the puppy lays down you give him/her the treat

When the puppy starts to know what to do you can add the word lay down.

This really is the best way! Good luck.


Puppy clothes and anxiety when left alone

We had a cute 4 months puppy here today. Maya is a Cocker-poo and adorable. She needed a raincoat and Wille got an old, very small one, (the picture) in his closet, that they could borrow. So cute. I have thought about getting a puppy but it is a lot of work and it takes about two years till you have some freedom and that is only if you have done a good job during the puppy years. Like working on “being alone”.

Met some friends this week that did not take the cocker spaniel separation anxiety seriously and worked with their dog from day one. They regret it today. I can not imagine what I would do if Wille got into a panic every time I left him alone. That is bad for the dog and for the owner.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Are you going to do anything fun?


I am annoying people in spain and I am Morgan

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have watched every Orca-in-captivity documentary this summer that has been made and feels for the beautiful animal that is cramped up in a little tank and has to perform every day. Right now I am annoying some Spanish people that have posted pictures of the orcas on their open feed, commenting on that the really should watch I am Morgan (link) or Blackfish (link) or Inside the tanks (link). Orcas in captivity are not ok (illegal in EU also) and people should not buy a ticket to these shows. I am also wondering what I am going to write to the owner of the spanish facility. I have his address and e-mail and I need to say something. Just anything, even if I don’t get a response. Which I didn´t get from Seaworld when I sent them an e-mail about their Orca.

If I treated Wille the same way, as they do their orcas, I would have been reported to the police faster than you can say “Orcas in captivity”. Think if I did not let him go outside at all. Just kept him in my apartment with no room to stretch out. Feed him pills in his food to keep him calm and tired. People would be furious and call me every bad name you can come up with. But when it comes to corporations, they pretty much can do what they want and people gladly pay to watch.

Wille gets more exercise than those Orcas and they are so much larger than he is and can swim up to 100 miles a day (link). How can this still go on in our modern society? With all the documentaries out there and organizations that have spoken about this for years. Are people not watching or listening or are we just lacking in empathy for another species?

I visited Kolmården (link) as a child, Biggest animal park in Scandinavia, and I remember how I sat and watch the dolphins swim round and round and round and that I then thought that it was a really little pool they lived in. That no adult said anything amazes me today. What have our parents been doing all this time? I love my parents but…

When I saw The cove (link), have you seen it? one of the guys said that the progress of animal rights got better and they did see the light in many issues but the younger generation did not take action or fulfilled what the older generation had started. Where did we go and where are we now? Are any of you active in an organization? Environmental or animal?


SHADOW TRADE – The price of loyalty

I am watching Shadow trade and are devastated for all the dogs that go through that kind of hell. One catcher collects 100 dogs a week. A week! Just one catcher. Many of the dogs are stolen. The interview with the woman that got her two dogs stolen and butchered made me cry. To know what your beloved pet has gone thru when it got killed, I can´t even think about it.

“Stolen dogs are more in demand because they are well fed.”

It is a good documentary that shows that we can help by supporting SOI DOGS, Dogs trust, NetAPAnimals Asia, and The humane society. Help them to do their job, educate the people and to put an end to this once and for all.


High pitch cat sound

We have been up for hours already, thanks to Ebba. She woke us up with this high pitch sound that probably woke the entire house. She finally gave in and stopped making that noise when I jumped out of bed and went looking for her. Was there a fire? Had she broken a leg? Where was the emergency?

No, it seemed that she wanted fresh water, not the one that was standing there from last night. They have a little apple cider vinegar in their water to help them with the digestion. Sometimes, early in the morning of course to make as much of drama she can, Ebba decides that she doesn’t want that water. She wants fresh water.

She is such a diva. Everyone has eaten their breakfast, I have eaten some porridge and a green smoothie. I am out of green tea so drinking hot water with ginger. So, all is well now, and they are sleeping again, and I am going to start this day.


Is it ever a good idea to let a bad behavior be and then just see if it gets better by itself?

Come to think of the two bad behaviors that Wille has had here at home and that both have disappeared without me recognize it. One was to eat from the litter box (which is really a disgusting thing to do) and the other was trying to reach the cat food on the dinner table. I can not remember when we last had that discussion, Wille and me.

Have your dogs had any bad behavior that just disappeared?

Sometimes we talk so much about training that we never talk about when it’s time to let something be so that it maybe will disappear by itself. It might have had with Wille’s age to do.

But is it ever a good idea to let a bad behavior be and then just see if it gets better by itself?

Tried to figure out what I have done to break this bad behavior. One is to use the word no when he does something that he may not, for example, show interest in the cat food. Being close to the cat’s food didn´t matter much, but the interest in the food did get a firm no from me.

I spent a lot of time on these two things before. During the night when the bathroom door was open after that Ebba had opened it, and I heard him sneak in there. The sand in the litter box always told on him. So I had to go up in the middle of the night to tell him to go out from the bathroom (I was too late of course) and then close the door. But it was a while ago now.

He is two years and soon three months and it’s only now that all work has paid off.


Dog training this fall

We went out today, around lunchtime, and trained some basic things like keep close, sitting and down. It turned out that Wille has forgotten a lot, so it’s fun to get started with the training again. It usually takes one or two training sessions before the memory is back again where we left off.

I will pick up and read the books that I paused in May/June about retrieving and dog training and set up some plans for this fall. Here you see a video when I ask Wille to sit and lie down. For each command, he comes closer until he is sitting just in front of me. Not what I imagined but with some training, he will remember that he has to stay in the same place, just lay down and sit on the same spot. Then we will continue to right and left. I want him to know right and left, so we are going to spend a lot of time on that this fall.

A good warm-up exercise I do is lunges so Wille can slalom between my legs. It softens his body well, and I get some leg work done for the day.

People have come home from their holidays now. I start studying in late August, so I have a couple of weeks left.

Hope you have a good start of this week if you are back at work or have some vacation left.


Overshoot day and our pets

It’s overshoot day today and I can not help wondering how eco-friendly we are with our dogs. How much we spend on them or how much meat they eat or how many plastic bags we use every day.

I found this text on Overshoot days homepage: “By August 2, 2017, we will have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year. We use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate through overfishing, overharvesting forests, and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than forests can sequester.”

I have read a lot about the environment this summer. Watched documentaries and read news articles and have realized how bad it is. Do you think about the overshoot day and the environment, or do you think there are companies and governments that should solve this problem? Or do you think that we don´t have a problem and that we can go on like we always have done?

I use as little plastic bags as I can today after that I realized how many you use every day for just one dog. Even though the plastic bags are environmentally friendly, energy is required to take care of them. Here at home, I throw Willes feces into the woods. It is better for the environment. But everyone, obviously, can not do that. Read that dog’s feces need twenty days to turn into soil. No soil you can plant with, cause you do not use soil after carnivores apparently.

I do not eat meat and have nothing from the wildlife in my fridge, but Wille eats meat and Ebba too. Trying to mix it out with vegetables and create as varied meals for them as I can. Something I have decided not to give them is fish. We fish far too much, and our waters are overfished.

Is it just me that think about this or do you to?


One of the best exercises I’ve always done with Wille

One of the best exercises I’ve always done with Wille, and still do, is to always ask him to come with me inside after we have been on a walk even if he wants to stay outside a little longer.

Wille often stops, when we have been on our walk and are on our way to go inside, and just looks at me. I know him well and that means he wants to stay outside for a little while. If I would just let him get his way we would eventually have a problem with him thinking that he doesn’t need to come in with me when I want to. I would probably have to chase him around the neighborhood yelling WILLE!! And that is not a problem I would like to have with my dog. So if I don´t mind staying outside a few more minutes I usually ask him to come with me into the hallway. Sometimes I even close the door. When he does stand in the hallway with me, I tell him that he can go out again and he often turns around and runs out through the door. With one eye on me to see if I am following him. It is not fun outside if I am not with him. This means that he gets the world’s greatest reward when he does what I want him to do.

Great for when you have no treats with you and want to reward your dog. Do you have a reward for your dog that is not treats or food?